Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girl Scout Fashion Show

Yesterday was the Girl Scout Fashion show; an event Savanna really enjoys. We went last year with a very little Westley in tow; it was fun to remember back a year! Savy signed up for 4 categories and had fun designing her outfits. She really shines up there on the stage! I volunteered for "photographer" for the day so in addition to coordinating Savanna and the other troop members I took pictures for the folks who organized the event. It was nice because I got a seat right in front, but I had a hard time juggling that camera and mine! I got some pictures, but none that are great!
This event is for Girl Scouts of all ages, so it was fun to watch what everyone had come up with. As with any show the littlest kids are always so darling, and I just laughed as some of them walked out there! A few of the girls looked almost pained to be up there, while some, like Savanna added some flair to their run-way walks! I love how animated Sav is, she really made it fun! I'm sure we will be back next year- any chance to be in the lights...

Friday, January 21, 2011


Our kids are home again today. This is Maine, and it is winter. They went to school a whopping day and a half this week. I'm ready for spring...

Monday, January 17, 2011

12 months of Wes and his Bear

From One Month Old....

To One Year Old!
I'm so glad I decided to do this... and I can't decide if I'm done or not... I just love having this record of how much Wes has grown!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Maybe the toy table was a bad idea

1-16-11= 1 year!

My beautiful boy turned one today! This year has been the fastest in my life. I really flew by! Look how big I've grown!

Wes hasn't put on much weight these past few months. He was 21lbs 13 ozs this morning on our baby scale. He goes into the Dr later this week, so we will get the official weight in, but I think moving away from formula and onto mostly food in addition to cruising around so much has helped him plateau. He is down to just an 8oz bottle at "nigh nighs." He doesn't drink a lot of cow's milk, but we are working on it. He loves water and I sometimes give him a little juice (1/2 and 1/2 H2O) to keep the fluids going. My (very inaccurate) door jam measurement put him at 27 1/4 inches tall.

Wes loves cereal (especially Life and Rice Crispies,) pineapple, veggie sticks, yogurt and oranges. He will still sometimes take "baby" food by spoon, and tries to feed himself whenever you let him. On average he sleeps 9p-7a or so and is trying to give up his afternoon nap. Some days he will take one, some not. I need the long morning nap to get the big barn cleaned... so I'm not going to fight too hard. It is better for me if he will sleep 2 hours once a day as opposed to an hour twice. I looked up the definition of "toddler" the other day. It simply means "one who toddles." I think that means Wes is no longer a "baby!" Sniff. Sniff. It went way too fast!

Birthday Boy

Westley turned one today! I swear this has been the fastest year of my life! We had a nice little party for him with all his favorite friends and family (except Grandma and Grandpa Houston who are in Florida!)
I had a penguin theme- I thought it would be cute for a January birthday. Savanna and I had fun making these cake pops and we did some other little penguin touches here and there.
Wes got loads of fun toys. All of the kids helped him open his gifts and for the most part he was interested in unwrapping. We have everything out of the box and set up this evening and he has been playing with it all!
I did a little smash cake for Wes and he was such a ham. Ignore my freakish face, but isn't he cute blowing his candle?! We have been practicing blowing "hot" food for a while now so he knew right what to do!

Bill was at an odd angle with the camera and didn't get the best shots but he was hamming it up! He was super cute (if I do say so myself!)

He even wanted to share~ He "fed" Sam and then both Olivia and Billy! Liv helped him eat up most of his cake, and by the end he was covered in frosting but very happy!

Happy Birthday my dear boy! I can't believe how fast you have grown; and can't imagine life without you!
My Mom got some cute shots... you can see her post here: Oh- and happy birthday to her too!


Saturday the Cub Scout's pack meeting was held at a local Skate Rink. This was a repeat event from last year- we didn't go because it was held the weekend Wes was born, but this year we were sure to sign up! It was so fun.

My Dad and Kurt brought the boys, and my out of town cousin Laura was there too! After downloading my camera I found out that despite having her to dinner, and going skating I have no evidence that she was here; so you will have to take my word for it...!

Billy was a bit of a grumpy butt, but they all did so well! I think that having roller skated before made it easier to learn. The girls pretty much picked it right up. Even Kaleb and Jay were gliding around by the end of the time.

I was surprised how well my ankle held up. I expected it to hurt badly in skates, but it wasn't bad at all. Bill and I were going to take turns with Wes, but then Daddy decided to buck the rules and take the boy out onto the ice. He put him into this crate (which the kids learn to skate by pushing around) He was so cute out on the rink!

I think it is something we may do again as a family, it was fun to be out together! I'm not sure our pond will be good for it, it never freezes really smoothly. But we might head back to the rink~ maybe in July?!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Gimme, Gimme"

My Aunt Nancy sent a box this week that contained the first of Wes' birthday gifts! Billy and I opened the brown mailer that it came in this morning and Wes caught a glimpse of the pretty wrapped presents. We let him hold the smaller on for a second then I put them onto the hutch for safe keeping until his party. Well, I walked back into the room later to find him trying very hard to get at 'em!
The tip-toe method
the hang man
and finally the "Gimme" look!
I can't wait for Sunday

How Does He Do That?

Twice now I have put Wes into his swing and come back from whatever I was doing to find him wandering about. Once I put him down for a nap~ That was an odd experience since I walked by and he was not in the swing... and no where to be found. He had not only escaped the swing but climbed the stairs and was playing in the bathroom. I wasn't sure if maybe I hadn't locked him in tight or something. But then it happened a second time... The first time I thought it was a fluke, but then again... Well I knew then that he had figured out how to get out. No big deal right. Guess we won't use the swing anymore. But as a side story I have been having a problem with Wes and the vacuum; he likes to unplug the cord when I an out of eyesight. As per my previous post I have been working hard to be sure he doesn't kill himself, but it's difficult to clean when I have to run back and tell him "no" and distract him every five seconds. Plus, he is so stubborn and intense that he will wander back as soon as I turn the cleaner back on (and Bill told me pushing him around sitting on the head was a bad idea. Something about the power of the beater bar?!) So, until we get this electricity thing sorted out I need to "contain" him in the swing while I swipe the floors. I put him in the other day and sat with the camera to catch him:

This is not as much of a header as it looks, his hands are under his face!

Now I know how he does it, and just need to find a way to stop him! Guess I'll use the high chair for a while until we get it sorted out!

How do you Baby Proof Life?!

Please note: this is a glider ottoman, and Wes is rocking it back and forth as he watches Savy on her DS.
Please note: you must never stop mid task and leave Wes. He will mimic anything he sees done. Like cleaning up ashes. Yup, this is cleaning.
Please note: If you set it down, he will climb on it

Generally a good rule of thumb is: If it can be climbed on, gotten into, pulled on, crawled under/over/thru, pushed, pulled, knocked, opened/closed or put into your mouth Westley is all over it. How do you baby proof life?! We are hopefully into the home stretch of healing up a "major" head wound~ Wes went a stretch of 5 days where he hit/bumped the SAME spot on his forehead every. single. day. It was all different shades of purple, blue and brown with a small cut running the length of the silver dollar sized bruise. I was just about to cave into Bill's desire for a helmet for the kid when we finally made it a day with no bump. My days are spent just simply trying to make sure he doesn't die. Some times I am fairly certain his goal is to kill himself. But, I figure this really is the essence of parenthood- making sure your offspring lives to see another day.


This past weekend we 'deChristmased" the house. It's always a sad time when we have to put away all the holiday decorations. It's sad to see the house "plain" again, but also sad to have to pick-up and pack and lug all the big totes. I certainly don't look forward to the chore, but with Wes' birthday coming up fast, we needed to get the house back under control. So, goodbye dear Christmas decorations, we will see you next year! Please note the pitiful expression on my tree. All the ornaments from about 3 feet downwards had been taken off, thrown about and put back on higher up. It was a pretty sad looking specimen by holiday end... only 346 more days until we do it all again!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: a look back

At dinner Friday night we all went around the table and spoke aloud the best things about 2010... and no surprise that Wes' arrival made the top of everyone's list... but some other highlights and memorable moments:
  • pregnancy and broken bones are 1st I'll never forget
  • Bill was thankful for another year with me (aww) and the joys of meeting our child
  • Savanna is thrilled to have started both cheering and drum playing
  • Olivia's spot on the riding team and her lessons at Greystone top her chart
  • For Billy a baby brother shadowed all other things this past year

2010 proved that we are very blessed:
In the past 12 months we got a new truck and snowplow, a new horse, a new boat, a new kitchen and a new snowmobile!


A new year has come and with it a renewed sense of resolution. As in years past, I've made some goals for myself... and as in years past I am not terribly hopefully that they will stick, but I'm going to give it a go.

Firstly, in an attempt to get the house looking and feeling better I have instituted family pick up. Basically at 7:45 on all school nights, we will spend 15 minutes collectively picking up before bed. Everyone needs to pitch in and hopefully this little "blitz" will make a difference around here. The kids can work in their rooms, speed thru their chores, or just find a spot to tidy up. I need there to be less clutter and chaos and I need to feel less like a maid. For now the kiddos are going to be on their own to find a job to do for this clean up. I may end up having to ask them to do certain things... like take up all the junk that accumulates downstairs during the day... but Id like for them to just do whatever little job they see that needs doing, and hopefully learn how a little straightening here and there can really help the cause!

My second goal is a more personal one. I have got to get my weight under control. I don't like the way I feel, and I don't like the way I look. I'm not sure how or where to find the motivation, or dedication... but it has to be done! So, support me: call me out on my crappy eating, cheer me on, hold me accountable to my health and well being... sigh. My plan is to continue to enjoy the Holiday bounty until after Westley's birthday, then I must cut calories! I hate it already. It is just so much easier to stick your head in the sand and pretend like there is no problem. Well, I've got a problem and it has GOT to get better. I'm not sure how I'm going to make myself stick with it, but I know what I need to do. Eat less, move more...

My final goal is another challenging one. And yea, it's sort of cliche that all of my 2011 goals are the typical ones everyone makes and then breaks... but I need to start spending less. There are some major things I'd like seen done in 2011 (a barn and riding arena, the second bedroom and bathroom in the basement) and we will need more $$ available to do them. So, I must spend less in order to make these a reality. The little nickle and dime things will be the death of me... so in 2011 no more silly spending.

So, there. These are my goals. Any bets on how long I last?!