Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: a look back

At dinner Friday night we all went around the table and spoke aloud the best things about 2010... and no surprise that Wes' arrival made the top of everyone's list... but some other highlights and memorable moments:
  • pregnancy and broken bones are 1st I'll never forget
  • Bill was thankful for another year with me (aww) and the joys of meeting our child
  • Savanna is thrilled to have started both cheering and drum playing
  • Olivia's spot on the riding team and her lessons at Greystone top her chart
  • For Billy a baby brother shadowed all other things this past year

2010 proved that we are very blessed:
In the past 12 months we got a new truck and snowplow, a new horse, a new boat, a new kitchen and a new snowmobile!


  1. hey wait, broken bones were in 2009, so they don't count!!!

  2. So sweet! Also, funny - you can ride all the new big ticket items you got in 2010 - well except the kitchen ;)