Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girl Scout Fashion Show

Yesterday was the Girl Scout Fashion show; an event Savanna really enjoys. We went last year with a very little Westley in tow; it was fun to remember back a year! Savy signed up for 4 categories and had fun designing her outfits. She really shines up there on the stage! I volunteered for "photographer" for the day so in addition to coordinating Savanna and the other troop members I took pictures for the folks who organized the event. It was nice because I got a seat right in front, but I had a hard time juggling that camera and mine! I got some pictures, but none that are great!
This event is for Girl Scouts of all ages, so it was fun to watch what everyone had come up with. As with any show the littlest kids are always so darling, and I just laughed as some of them walked out there! A few of the girls looked almost pained to be up there, while some, like Savanna added some flair to their run-way walks! I love how animated Sav is, she really made it fun! I'm sure we will be back next year- any chance to be in the lights...