Sunday, January 16, 2011


Saturday the Cub Scout's pack meeting was held at a local Skate Rink. This was a repeat event from last year- we didn't go because it was held the weekend Wes was born, but this year we were sure to sign up! It was so fun.

My Dad and Kurt brought the boys, and my out of town cousin Laura was there too! After downloading my camera I found out that despite having her to dinner, and going skating I have no evidence that she was here; so you will have to take my word for it...!

Billy was a bit of a grumpy butt, but they all did so well! I think that having roller skated before made it easier to learn. The girls pretty much picked it right up. Even Kaleb and Jay were gliding around by the end of the time.

I was surprised how well my ankle held up. I expected it to hurt badly in skates, but it wasn't bad at all. Bill and I were going to take turns with Wes, but then Daddy decided to buck the rules and take the boy out onto the ice. He put him into this crate (which the kids learn to skate by pushing around) He was so cute out on the rink!

I think it is something we may do again as a family, it was fun to be out together! I'm not sure our pond will be good for it, it never freezes really smoothly. But we might head back to the rink~ maybe in July?!

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