Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How do you Baby Proof Life?!

Please note: this is a glider ottoman, and Wes is rocking it back and forth as he watches Savy on her DS.
Please note: you must never stop mid task and leave Wes. He will mimic anything he sees done. Like cleaning up ashes. Yup, this is cleaning.
Please note: If you set it down, he will climb on it

Generally a good rule of thumb is: If it can be climbed on, gotten into, pulled on, crawled under/over/thru, pushed, pulled, knocked, opened/closed or put into your mouth Westley is all over it. How do you baby proof life?! We are hopefully into the home stretch of healing up a "major" head wound~ Wes went a stretch of 5 days where he hit/bumped the SAME spot on his forehead every. single. day. It was all different shades of purple, blue and brown with a small cut running the length of the silver dollar sized bruise. I was just about to cave into Bill's desire for a helmet for the kid when we finally made it a day with no bump. My days are spent just simply trying to make sure he doesn't die. Some times I am fairly certain his goal is to kill himself. But, I figure this really is the essence of parenthood- making sure your offspring lives to see another day.


  1. Oh my... you really do have your hands full. And I thought Maddie was bad. Is this what I have to look forward to with a little boy? Good thing Wes is so stinkin cute. He must be really easy to forgive. :)

  2. He is the best! I also almost fell on the ground laughing at the helmet part - babies are built for this stuff - though it seems Mr. Wes is certainly testing his limits :)