Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Does He Do That?

Twice now I have put Wes into his swing and come back from whatever I was doing to find him wandering about. Once I put him down for a nap~ That was an odd experience since I walked by and he was not in the swing... and no where to be found. He had not only escaped the swing but climbed the stairs and was playing in the bathroom. I wasn't sure if maybe I hadn't locked him in tight or something. But then it happened a second time... The first time I thought it was a fluke, but then again... Well I knew then that he had figured out how to get out. No big deal right. Guess we won't use the swing anymore. But as a side story I have been having a problem with Wes and the vacuum; he likes to unplug the cord when I an out of eyesight. As per my previous post I have been working hard to be sure he doesn't kill himself, but it's difficult to clean when I have to run back and tell him "no" and distract him every five seconds. Plus, he is so stubborn and intense that he will wander back as soon as I turn the cleaner back on (and Bill told me pushing him around sitting on the head was a bad idea. Something about the power of the beater bar?!) So, until we get this electricity thing sorted out I need to "contain" him in the swing while I swipe the floors. I put him in the other day and sat with the camera to catch him:

This is not as much of a header as it looks, his hands are under his face!

Now I know how he does it, and just need to find a way to stop him! Guess I'll use the high chair for a while until we get it sorted out!


  1. I love this!!! That little guy of yours is a real character.

  2. OMG - I love it!! What an adorable handful he is - a total little adventurer :)

  3. Can you add a harness to the swing to keep him in? Oh - and it may be time for a play pen - not a small one like a pack n play - but one made from what look like sections of 'fence'. They sell them for dogs too! Same idea. Sometimes you might want to be the one in the play pen! Let's hope he doesn't figure out how to get out of his car seat. :)