Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Boy

Westley turned one today! I swear this has been the fastest year of my life! We had a nice little party for him with all his favorite friends and family (except Grandma and Grandpa Houston who are in Florida!)
I had a penguin theme- I thought it would be cute for a January birthday. Savanna and I had fun making these cake pops and we did some other little penguin touches here and there.
Wes got loads of fun toys. All of the kids helped him open his gifts and for the most part he was interested in unwrapping. We have everything out of the box and set up this evening and he has been playing with it all!
I did a little smash cake for Wes and he was such a ham. Ignore my freakish face, but isn't he cute blowing his candle?! We have been practicing blowing "hot" food for a while now so he knew right what to do!

Bill was at an odd angle with the camera and didn't get the best shots but he was hamming it up! He was super cute (if I do say so myself!)

He even wanted to share~ He "fed" Sam and then both Olivia and Billy! Liv helped him eat up most of his cake, and by the end he was covered in frosting but very happy!

Happy Birthday my dear boy! I can't believe how fast you have grown; and can't imagine life without you!
My Mom got some cute shots... you can see her post here: Oh- and happy birthday to her too!


  1. What a perfect day! He is such a ham, of course, but so interactive, and so funny!

  2. Happy Birthday Wes!! He was so fantastic - he is a pro at birthdays already :) So glad we could share in the big day with you all!