Monday, March 28, 2011

Wes update

Since I gave up the monthly Wes updates I feel like so much has happened. He is growing and changing so fast! We have been having weight gain "issues" In that, he hasn't been gaining! I would still call him *chunky* and he is the picture of health, he just isn't packing on the pounds! I am not worried, but we have been going in for weight checks- just tracking him a little closer. He is still right around 21 and a half pounds. He has had bouts of appetite issues surrounding a few winter bugs he has gotten. But, when he isn't sick- he does like to eat! We do Mommy and Me swim lessons and also go the weekly story hour at the library. He loves these activities. He also loves the child watch room at the Y. I was so pleased that he was willing to be left- they have fun toys and he really enjoys playing there! He especially loves their baby dolls! He is so happy it is getting warmer- he loves to walk the driveway. Pretty much daily we have to mosey our way down the lane... stompin' the puddles as we go! We are waiting for rain boots (who know it would be so hard to find infant/toddler rubber bots!) in the mail, then we will be golden!
As always Wes is into everything. He will find a way to get to whatever he wants. he is pretty much fearless, doesn't cry easily (can fall and bump without worry!) and problem solves with the best of them! Recently he pulled his rocking horse over to the bookshelf, climbed up its back and then stood with a foot on each handle bar to reach the lower shelf! He is crazy~ and nothing is safe!
He is down to one nap a day, he sleeps for an hour or so in the middle of the day, then plays hard until he crashes! Although the nights have been a little rough with the colds we have had, he does pretty well. When he gets up though, he wedges his arms under my head to try to pry me off the pillow! He has taken to pushing me around when he can.
He says Ma-Ma and Da-Da with clear intent. Bill says when I leave he crys or calls for me. Cutie! He communicates in many other ways too- he clearly understands and will follow directions. If you ask him to do something, he will do it. You can ask him to "take this to _____" or "put this _____" and he will! He also tries to ask for things and get what he needs. He will bring you boots or shoes when he wants to go out, points to things (or places where things are) when he wants them and say "Dis" and "Dat" pretty well. He nods and shakes his head for "yes" and "no." He really is growing up so fast, and amazes me with all the things he can do. Summer will be here before you know it~ what fun we are going to have!


The annual Girl Scout talent show was this weekend. Savanna and a friend of hers had decided to sing the Bruno Mars song "Grenade" but then the second girl got sick. Savanna wasn't too sure about singing a solo, but decided to give it a go. She was second in the line-up which caught her by surprise. Even though she was quite nervous, she did very well! I thought she was great- she loves being up on the stage, and it is fun for her to play to the crowd!

Daddy Daughter Dance

This was the final year for Savanna to go to the Daddy Daughter Dance! I'm sure the night was bitter sweet for Bill- This was his 8th year attending, and unless another girl baby comes along- it will be his last also. We found this dress at the mall last week, and the price was great! She felt much more sophisticated than she has in some of the other dresses she has worn. We left her hair up from the final cheer competition, and apparently she got loads of complements on her "wig!" Bill and I are trying to figure out all the ins and outs of our new phones, and none of the actual dance pictures came out. Boo. I'm sure this dance will be filed into the memory banks as an extra special one... I can't believe how quickly the girls have grown!


Savanna's cheer squad (The Noble Shining Stars) finished the season undefeated! Way to go Girls!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The IEA show season had wrapped up, Olivia did so well this year- the team has been a great experience for her! I know she is really looking forward to next year. We are exploring her options for the summer show season... we shall see!

One more Cheer Competition this weekend and then we are done with that too! The Noble Shining Stars are undefeated thus far- it has been a great 1st season for Savanna as well! She is hoping to do some gymnastics classes this spring and summer so maybe next year she will have some stunting to do!

The Annual Daddy Daughter Dance is also this weekend. We found a very pretty, and somewhat sophisticated dress for Savy; she is excited and sad that this will be their last year!

Both boys are doing swim lessons. Wes enjoys it, but doesn't like to "float" on his back. Billy as usual is a fish and just loves being in the water playing around and swimming, I'm glad the kids like the water~ it's such an important skill!

I have been pecking away at my weight loss. I'm happy with my progress so far- but it is a bit frustrating to have lost over 20 pounds now, and nobody outside the family has noticed... and only a few of my clothes feel different. Sigh. I guess it just shows you how badly I needed to do this! Kelley is pressing me to go to our 10 year College reunion in May- I know I can't hit my goal by then, but it is added motivation to see what I can loose! I've started working out at the YMCA a few times a week. It's hard to make the time to get there, but Wes loves the child watch program, so that's helpful and great! I use the cardio equipment and shoot for 300 calories burned per workout. Its another goal, trying to up my exercise...

We are still battling the sickness... we have had a nasty lingering cold. Olivia is down with it again! Savanna missed 4 out of 5 days last week, I'm glad the fever struck Liv closer to the weekend! I can't wait for it to get better, I'm sooo tired of this!!

Poke is doing well, his stitches and staples are out and most of the swelling has gone down. He is back on turnout and a much happier horse!

Bill and I got new phones~ they are nice! Wes dunked my old phone into a glass of milk last week, so I'm glad to have cell service back! It's been hard not having it- I didn't notice how much I use it until it was gone!

Girl Scout cookies are in and mostly sorted and handed out, I still have a few more to deliver!

I guess that about covers it for now... busy, busy, busy!

Another one down!

Sunday was the second to last cheer competition for the season... and another 1st place victory for the Noble Shining Stars!

IEA Zone 1 Region 1 Regional Finals

This past weekend was the Regional Finals for Olivia's Zone/Region. We were so thrilled and proud that she pointed into the competition her first year on the team! It was so exciting!
She drew a cute little pony mare named Skye- her info was clear that she needed a lot of support and set-up for her right lead canter. Liv learned the hard way that outside rein is important! She was in a bad spot (passing another horse) and got the wrong lead- and late to boot! She corrected it, but in a class of 21 it was too late! The top 7 from the class were called back, and then the top 3 tested and were sent on to Zone finals. Obviously Olivia didn't make it that far- but we were so proud and happy that she competed at this show! Her weekly lessons have made such a difference for her, and she loves the girls and coaches so that's great too!

Despite not advancing, we had a great day! It wasn't too cold, and our cheering section had fun watching and supporting the riders. It will be fun to see where they place Olivia next year~ I'm already looking forward to it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For Mom

...After our walk today!

Catching up

A few updates:

Poke is doing well. His drains are out, the antibiotics are finished and he will get the stitches/staples removed Wednesday. He got out twice... somebody undid the latch one night, then when i used a double ended snap to keep that from happening he apparently jumped the door to get out the next night! On the second morning, the door was closed and locked, and he was out. I about had a heart attack, but he is fine! The top of the door is now closed and latched at all times!

Wes is feeling better- but the cold is still working its way thru the house. Olivia was home 2 days last week, and Sav is home for her second day today. I may take her in for a look, she was 101 this am and has a pretty nasty cough. It was a long bug, well over a week! I am very congested and tired of not being able to breathe... I hope it breaks up soon!

I think Westley is eating a bit better these last few days, but he is still going in for weight checks. He has gained back 3 of the lost 10ozs... not much but he seems otherwise fine. He is back to bottle feeding, since that's the only way to get any volume into him. He is drinking pediasure, and hopefully will pick back up now that he is feeling better.

Billy's B-day Celebrations

Billy's Birthday fell on Saturday this year, and it was a crazy day for us! Savanna had a cheer leading competition (they won.... again!) and he had Pinewood derby! So opted to spread the birthday celebration out a bit! He had 2 other kids in his class with similar birthday's so he got to pick the day he wanted to bring in his special snack... So, Wednesday I made cupcake shaped cake pops for his class, and that started out the birthday bash!
Then on Saturday I got him cookie crisp cereal (which he has been dying to try!) for breakfast and made a cake for Pinewood derby. I tried to make a wooden looking car... it didn't come out quite like I wanted, but everyone said it was great! The kids there all sang him Happy Birthday. Grandma Houston called and he opened their package and was very happy with their gifts! It gave him a few things to play with and he was happy to get into the present pile.

Then on Sunday we had his family party. He wants to wait until the summer for his friend party. He really wanted a camping party, but March is hard for that! Especially since we still have quite a bit of snow cover! So, in July or August we will take a few boys back to the campground we went to with the Cub Scouts last summer. It should be fun!

I didn't too a great job with the Houston traditional angel food cake, but he was pleased with it! He got a few games- including the game he really wanted, and 2 x-box live cards. A cool safe, some money, an airplane and a gun. It was a fun afternoon, and wrapped up the celebration for now! Come summer we will revisit the Billy Birthday~ But for now, the boy is 9 and that's enough!!

Pinewood Derby '11

Billy's Cub Pack had their Pinewood derby on Saturday- Billy's birthday! He and Bill made their car, and were pretty sure it was the best one they have done so far! It's the "arrow" one winning this race. Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) the pack is getting better too! Billy came in 4th out of the 13 kids. We were actually very excited for this place... 4th is the 1st winner in our eyes! You see, the top 3 cars go on to race at the regional race. We have been twice, and it is a painful day! You sit in this massive gym full of overzealous Dads and watch your car zip down the track a full 6 or 7 seconds! Even Billy wasn't upset to miss the cut!
As always it was fun, I love seeing what the other kids create! There were some very original cars. I made a cake for Billy, and they called him up front and sang to him... it was perfect! Very embarrassing for a new 9 year old!

100th Day Celebration

Last week was the 100th day of school for the kids. Their school runs a great program where each class gets a non perishable item to collect and the goal is to get 100 of them for donation to our town's food pantry. This year Billy's 3rd grade class collected canned tomatoes and Savanna's 5th grade got pasta sauce. Both classes did great- actually all of the classes hit the goal. The school donated 2,111 items! It is one of my favorite school programs, I love what it teaches the kids! Wes and I went to watch the official donation ceremony, it is such a great assembly. There were representatives from the police and fire departments and the leaders of the food bank were there to accept the food. Billy was chosen from his class to go up front and "present" the tomatoes to the food bank!
I always wonder how many of the kids in the gym actually end up getting some of this food! I'm sure there are plenty of families with kids who need help in these economic times. It's great that our kids are learning to give at such an early age!

Monday, March 7, 2011


You are looking at a Zone 1, IEA Regional Qualifier!!!
Olivia needed 2 points (or a 5th place finish) to qualify for Regionals going into the show Sunday. This was the last event of the regular season... and she placed First!! Which is cool for a number of reasons; one being that it means that at the 5 shows she attended since joining the team she bettered herself once place each ride. Fifth, Forth, Third, Second last show and now First! I was so proud of her! She rides in the last class of the day, so people are always starting to pack up and the horses are getting tired and cranky by then. Her pony Teddy threw a little buck and I was sure she was screwed, but she pulled his head up, booted him on and took the Blue! You go Girl! So, now to Regional we will go!


The other evening both of the girls were out, so Bill, the boys and I had a T.V. dinner. I had made a nice ham and scalloped potatoes and we relaxed in the living room for our meal. It just tickled me when I glanced over and saw the 2 pairs of Brothers! Don't mind the fact that my dogs are begging terribly... but how cute are these 4? Wes was stealing peas off Billy's plate (I'm not sure it is considered stealing if the "owner" wants you to keep taking them?!) and the dogs were waiting for one or the other boy to drop something! Aww, Brothers!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


The vet was here until after 11 last night... (Wes is also sick, so it was a long night...) Poke has a large laceration on his chest that appears to have occurred when he got hung up on something, he ripped himself clear open! I am so thankful; twice Dr. Erickson said how lucky he was that it was only the skin (one little fleshy puncture) as his jugular runs right below the surface... he was VERY close to a different outcome!! He has quite a few stitches, dozens of staples and 2 drains. He basically had a micro surgery right in his stall! She had to cut all of the edges to get clean flesh, flushed and scrubbed and then spent at least an hour doing stitches. Ill post a picture later, but she put a cool covering on it to relieve some of the tension from the shoulder, so you can't even see the wound. He will need the drains out in 5 days, anti inflammatories for maybe a week (he is very bruised... ran into something pretty hard! We had a snow squall pass thru in the afternoon, I wonder if he was extra disoriented?!) antibiotics for 10 days, then the stitches/staples come out in 2 weeks. For this time he will be on complete stall rest. I'm going to have a very grumpy old man on my hands! He is comfortable this morning, unhappy with the meds in his grain, but otherwise doing alright. Hopefully all will heal well... Ill post pictures later.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waitin' on the Vet

Found this when I went out to feed tonight... waitin' for the vet to arrive... sniff.