Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pinewood Derby '11

Billy's Cub Pack had their Pinewood derby on Saturday- Billy's birthday! He and Bill made their car, and were pretty sure it was the best one they have done so far! It's the "arrow" one winning this race. Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) the pack is getting better too! Billy came in 4th out of the 13 kids. We were actually very excited for this place... 4th is the 1st winner in our eyes! You see, the top 3 cars go on to race at the regional race. We have been twice, and it is a painful day! You sit in this massive gym full of overzealous Dads and watch your car zip down the track a full 6 or 7 seconds! Even Billy wasn't upset to miss the cut!
As always it was fun, I love seeing what the other kids create! There were some very original cars. I made a cake for Billy, and they called him up front and sang to him... it was perfect! Very embarrassing for a new 9 year old!

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