Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catching up

A few updates:

Poke is doing well. His drains are out, the antibiotics are finished and he will get the stitches/staples removed Wednesday. He got out twice... somebody undid the latch one night, then when i used a double ended snap to keep that from happening he apparently jumped the door to get out the next night! On the second morning, the door was closed and locked, and he was out. I about had a heart attack, but he is fine! The top of the door is now closed and latched at all times!

Wes is feeling better- but the cold is still working its way thru the house. Olivia was home 2 days last week, and Sav is home for her second day today. I may take her in for a look, she was 101 this am and has a pretty nasty cough. It was a long bug, well over a week! I am very congested and tired of not being able to breathe... I hope it breaks up soon!

I think Westley is eating a bit better these last few days, but he is still going in for weight checks. He has gained back 3 of the lost 10ozs... not much but he seems otherwise fine. He is back to bottle feeding, since that's the only way to get any volume into him. He is drinking pediasure, and hopefully will pick back up now that he is feeling better.

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