Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Billy's B-day Celebrations

Billy's Birthday fell on Saturday this year, and it was a crazy day for us! Savanna had a cheer leading competition (they won.... again!) and he had Pinewood derby! So opted to spread the birthday celebration out a bit! He had 2 other kids in his class with similar birthday's so he got to pick the day he wanted to bring in his special snack... So, Wednesday I made cupcake shaped cake pops for his class, and that started out the birthday bash!
Then on Saturday I got him cookie crisp cereal (which he has been dying to try!) for breakfast and made a cake for Pinewood derby. I tried to make a wooden looking car... it didn't come out quite like I wanted, but everyone said it was great! The kids there all sang him Happy Birthday. Grandma Houston called and he opened their package and was very happy with their gifts! It gave him a few things to play with and he was happy to get into the present pile.

Then on Sunday we had his family party. He wants to wait until the summer for his friend party. He really wanted a camping party, but March is hard for that! Especially since we still have quite a bit of snow cover! So, in July or August we will take a few boys back to the campground we went to with the Cub Scouts last summer. It should be fun!

I didn't too a great job with the Houston traditional angel food cake, but he was pleased with it! He got a few games- including the game he really wanted, and 2 x-box live cards. A cool safe, some money, an airplane and a gun. It was a fun afternoon, and wrapped up the celebration for now! Come summer we will revisit the Billy Birthday~ But for now, the boy is 9 and that's enough!!

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