Monday, March 7, 2011


You are looking at a Zone 1, IEA Regional Qualifier!!!
Olivia needed 2 points (or a 5th place finish) to qualify for Regionals going into the show Sunday. This was the last event of the regular season... and she placed First!! Which is cool for a number of reasons; one being that it means that at the 5 shows she attended since joining the team she bettered herself once place each ride. Fifth, Forth, Third, Second last show and now First! I was so proud of her! She rides in the last class of the day, so people are always starting to pack up and the horses are getting tired and cranky by then. Her pony Teddy threw a little buck and I was sure she was screwed, but she pulled his head up, booted him on and took the Blue! You go Girl! So, now to Regional we will go!


  1. Woo Hoo! Can you say Olympics???? How about a new, perfect horse??? Fresian?? Hanaverian?? Ok, isn't that what is in your yard that just needs to learn to trailer??

    Go, Olivia, go!!

  2. That is so cool! How old is she?

  3. Congrats Olivia!!!! That is so wonderful and all her hard work is paying off :)

  4. That's great! Way to go Olivia!!!