Saturday, December 29, 2012

12-29-12 = 6 months

Wyatt is half a year old today! It's so hard to believe how fast time is flying. This months photo shoot was especially difficult as he doesn't stay still for long! He "crawls" now, and rolls all around

He weighs 17 lbs and 7 ozs and is starting to eat more and more. He isn't too good at the whole thing, but really likes the idea. He is solidly in 6-9 month clothes... Moving into 9 month pretty quickly. He is so social, loves to talk and laugh. He gives kisses, slobbery ones at that!

His crawl is actually more of a launching- he thrusts himself forward on his hands and knees and then lays down, gets back onto his knees and goes again! He gets pretty much anywhere he wants to go this way.

He also sits pretty well. I don't trust him to walk away, but he will balance for a few minutes at a time.

Nothing is safe now, he's on the move!

Friday, December 28, 2012

And round 3

By the time we got up to Grandma and Grandpa Houston's house Nic was napping. I was so surprised that Wes made it all day without sleep and didn't seriously melt down! Nic was adorable in his Santa overalls

Once again Grandma Houston out did herself, her tree was dwarfed by the present pile!

We all got many more amazing gifts

Auntie and Grandma had made a beautiful Christmas dinner, we took a break and ate then finally finished the present pile and had dessert. The parlor looked so pretty in the evening light, with the soft glow of the tree.

It was a merry Christmas, and such a pleasant way to be reminded how blessed we are, I am so grateful for the healthy and happiness of our family and friends and enjoyed spoiling those we love. Now, only 364 days until we can do it all again!

Christmas round 2

I made a brunch and everyone came over after our Santa haul, then we did Wilson, Kramer, Roth present exchange. Again, we were spoiled!

Highlights included shoes for Jay

And a sword for kaleb

Wes got a bunch more toys

One of which required a bunch of assembly. Thank goodness for cousin Sam, he did a great job getting the car track/tower set up!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas part 1

Another year, and once again our holiday celebration reminds me how lucky and blessed we are! The pile under the tree was impressive. I'm honestly not sure which I like more: spoiling or getting spoiled!

Grandma Beth spent the night, Santa came and we had a great day with all our family.

The kids were good as we opened our gifts and each seemed to enjoy what they had gotten and got a chance to give their gifts.

Billy got the kindle fire, the girls got clothes and jewelry and such, Wes got lots of toys, I got an iPad

And Bill got a ginormous television

We got a trampoline for the family, we won't likely be able to set it up until spring, but I know the kiddos were excited over it! This was just the first go... The day held so much more


One of my favorite holiday traditions is making our gingerbread house. This year I got two... Figured we would have less fighting that way. As it turns out , we still had some drama; managed alright thought!

I saved the project until just before the holiday so as to avoid the issues we have had in the past years- eating the decorations! Olivia had some last second shopping and wrapping to do, so we made them without her.

I think they came out pretty good, and they sure are tasty!


Wyatt is on to semi-solids... And Wes was happy to help with a feeding the other day! Wish I had captured the gagging and sputtering on film, but I was trying to divert a disaster. Prunes were decidedly not the best food for brother to help with, but a good time was had by all.

We give Wy an ounce or two of purée daily. He isn't the best eater- not got the swallow part down pat yet, but he enjoys the process and really wants to eat.


Posting from my new iPad!  Need to figure out pictures...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cookie Party

We had our annual cookie decorating party this past weekend.  It's a holiday tradition I really enjoy, and I hope the kids remember fondly. 
Wes helped me roll, cut and bake the cookies while the other kids (not Wyatt!) slept in. 
 This year we had plenty of guests despite the gently falling snow
 A number of the kids were decorating, some eating and the bigger boys mostly just played!
 Wes did really well for quite a while, then began to eat icing and sprinkles...
Courtney was a decorating fiend, until Wyatt woke up, then she was on to him 100%! 
Arlene came with Mom and watched the chaos
I think Kateri and her family have come almost every year we have hosted...
It really is a fun day for me!!

We had plenty of cookies~ and a great afternoon!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wyatt and the Christmas Tree

Wy is very into the tree, lights and ornaments

Santa Baby

Olivia and I had fun with a Santa photo shoot: