Friday, December 7, 2012

The Tree

Last weekend we went to get our tree.  We had originally decided to just go and tag the one we wanted, but when we got there, they were only cutting... so a tree we got!  Arlene was a champ, she was up for the drive so we made an afternoon of it, and I was able to go with everyone else!  Both Kaleb and Selena had slept over, so with Grandma and Grandpa Houston and Nick and Anna, it was a festive crowd 

We picked this beauty and took the upper 2/3rds
Bill and I took turns with the hand saw 

And then used the sleds to drag it back
 Watched our steps
and loaded up

hot cider and candy canes completed our trip to the tree farm!
oh, and yes; I did yell at Olivia and Selena for feeding the baby sugar- but boy was he cute!

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