Friday, December 7, 2012

Movement Begins

This week Wyatt has started to move!  Like Wes when he first got going, it's only backwards, but he's on the move for sure!  At Arlene's in the walker he scoots- at home we got him a bouncy horse, so he jumps in that.  At her house, with no brother to worry about, and no steps I don't mind him practicing... but at home he can only jump and lay on the floor.  Spending a lot of time laying around he is bent on getting places!  So, on his hands and knees he can slide; in reverse!
On his stomach he will push up, and can turn a full 360 dragging himself along- he can scootch like this especially quickly if he wants to see me, or something interesting (like the Christmas train)  He slides (away from things!) and gets stuck- under tables and couches, in chair legs, on the fireplace surround...

In addition to just sliding backwards on his belly, he has a cool move where he lifts off the ground, but still somehow ends up going backwards

After a week of pushing and going backwards (and getting stuck) he is now staying up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  There is not a lot of motion with his hands yet- I'm not sure he gets that they have to move too... but it won't be long!  
Without a doubt, movement has begun!

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