Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cute Wyatt pictures

Here are just a few cute shots from around the house:

Don't get excited... Just trying it out every once in a while.

Cheer shorts, and a sports bra. Not too impressed

He loves talking on the phone. "Talking" is a loose term, mostly holding the phone, uttering a word or two and pushing the buttons. Got the butt scratch down pat though...

And the hands down the front too...

We've had a fun winter, he is growing and changing right before our eyes!

Wintertime fun

This winter seems longer than winters in recent memory. Maybe it's me, but it seems colder and snowier that I remember. But, with the windows as our measuring point, I know our total snowfall has been higher, I just think it's been consistently cold, and we haven't had bare ground since well before Christmas.

We have had lots of time for outdoor fun! Wyatt loves to be out, Wes hates it!

Savanna is constantly trying to get some activity going, she seems to spearhead all of our outings

Unless that is, they are snowmobile adventures. Bill has been more and more into the "sleds" and after we traded the boat for 2 nicer ones he finally broke down and registered and insured them so we could venture "out" onto the trails. He and Billy and Savanna loved it so much we used our tax return to buy Bill a nearly new snowmobile. Many of our weekends have seen some combination of us out riding!

I am anxious to get back into my arena, but it has been a fun winter. I'll be disappointed for Bill when the snow is gone. He has had such a fun time with the kids.

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Fish tank

Bill got a new fish tank. A small aquarium really.... It now dominates my dining room. KeKe suggests we get a dolphin, not likely- but:

As we filled it up, savanna and Wes went for a swim!

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