Monday, April 29, 2013

4-29-13 = 10 months

Wyatt is getting so old... 10 months today! He has all 4 front teeth, and is right on the cusp of walking. He will take a step or two on his own, but nothing consistent. He seems cautious and has been faster to sit than Wes. He continues to eat people food, a bit of purée now and then but mostly wants whatever you have. He uses a sippy cup on occasion but still loves his bottles. I wonder of this case of formula will be the last?! I haven't weighed him, but he must be over 20lbs by now. He is in 12 month clothes.

He had a terrible time staying still for his photos, he is on the move!

By the end of it he had the poor bear all wrapped up!

Wes wasn't much help- he just wanted to play himself!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Barn Progress

While the bulk of the barn work is complete there are still a handful of little tasks that need doing. Bill is slowly picking them off. One of the big jobs was getting the electrical done. I had a strong of contractor lights, but now I've got real ones! There is still a bit to be done, the tack room needs to be taken off the shop switch and put onto the barn ones and some outlets need placement, but it's progress!

The other "little" job was getting my 5th stall turned around so that it opened into the aisle not the tack room! This was my original stall, but When we flipped the barn layout it ended with its door in the wrong spot! He cut a new door and got a slider made and hung. He also took up the mats and leveled the stone dust so it's like new again. All if that was done under the gun... Because Saturday the stallion comes! Yup, we are finally breeding Grace!! That's another post itself!

The next "big" project will bet arena. This is the space Bill cleared for me. While I have been riding it, it's awful rocky and bumpy. I think we have finally decided to put in a real arena. I've had 3 people out for estimates, and am waiting to hear...

Bill spent my birthday clearing the trees put front so a big rig can get in!

It's a lot different looking out there now, but moving forward... Progress!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Since I've been a bad blogger (my dear friend Cindi points it out oh so often....) Here's a post of pure cuteness:

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Playin' Outside

We are finally having some warmer spring days and I can get the little boys outside! I'm still so thankful to Bob and Cathy for giving us this swing set! Between it and the trampoline I try to get outside as much as we can. It's go good for Wes to burn off energy!

Yesterday the bugs seem to have hit. All of a sudden we have Mosquitos and black flies. How I hate them so. We shall see how bad they get and if it drives me back in; but for now we are playing outside!

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5 kids, 1 chair

I came into the house the other day to this:

Five kids, one chair!

Ps. I bought that darn green recliner for Bill who know how many Father's Days ago... It's seen better days and I want it replaces ASAP! But, it does hold some precious cargo...

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I had to fight Bill, but finally he relented and let me buy a trampoline for the kids at Christmas. I know they are notoriously unsafe... But so are dirt bikes.... and horses!

I don't get savanna to tumbling classes as often as I wish, and I thought the trampoline would really be helpful to her in getting some of her stunting for cheer. It was torture to her though, to get it in December and have to wait for the snow to melt!

Finally, when much of it had gone Bill put it up, and I they have all been enjoying it ever since! (It took a few days but he got the nets up too!)

And, for the record it wasn't even a week before she was doing flips! She has her back and spring and back tuck... Now just to get them on the mats!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Worn Out

One day during the miserable tooth stage I took Wes out for a while and came home to this:

Growing teeth is terrible business and can wear a boy right out.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

How it's Done

Following in Wes' footsteps, Wyatt is a rule breaker...

Guess we need to be a little more clear, because he has his own ideas on how things should be done!

Mom-mom's 82nd

Sunday afternoon we had all the Kramer side over to celebrate Mom-Mom's 82nd birthday- which is today. Except Dylan, all the cousins came and it was the first time pretty much any of them had been here.

Bill had set up in the den to run all of Mom-Mom's old home movies. It was fun to have those playing. We also did tours of the barn and said "hello" to all the animals. I really enjoyed having everyone here, and I hope they had a good time too. I know it meant a lot to Mom-Mom to get everyone together.

Happy birthday dear Mom-Mom, happy birthday to you!

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Easter came early this year. I remember it being in March before, but with the snowy winter we have had it doesn't feel too much like spring yet so it really snuck up on me!

We dyed eggs one night last week, and despite Wyatt being fussy we managed to do 3 dozen!

Thankfully I was able to get Easter off, so we had our usual egg hunt for all the Bunny's treasures. Each kid got 6 eggs with candy inside

And they each had a basket to find!

Wyatt found his in his favorite spot... Daddy's computer! He loves to crawl up and hit the button (it has a blue light) to turn the computer off or on. Very frustrating to Bill who leaves the door open for ventilation.

Liv found hers first out of the big kids. It seems she is usually the last one crying and whining about maybe not getting a basket.

With all the snow we had our annual egg hunt in the barn this year

It made for an easier time hunting, but the kids all seemed to have fun anyhow!

After all our Easter festivities we still had Mommom's birthday party to look forward to!

The Day After

Wyatt found a dove chocolate egg. I didn't find Wyatt until AFTER he had found the egg. I did find the foil in his mouth, thankfully. I also found the shout. Hopefully the stains come out!

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