Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter came early this year. I remember it being in March before, but with the snowy winter we have had it doesn't feel too much like spring yet so it really snuck up on me!

We dyed eggs one night last week, and despite Wyatt being fussy we managed to do 3 dozen!

Thankfully I was able to get Easter off, so we had our usual egg hunt for all the Bunny's treasures. Each kid got 6 eggs with candy inside

And they each had a basket to find!

Wyatt found his in his favorite spot... Daddy's computer! He loves to crawl up and hit the button (it has a blue light) to turn the computer off or on. Very frustrating to Bill who leaves the door open for ventilation.

Liv found hers first out of the big kids. It seems she is usually the last one crying and whining about maybe not getting a basket.

With all the snow we had our annual egg hunt in the barn this year

It made for an easier time hunting, but the kids all seemed to have fun anyhow!

After all our Easter festivities we still had Mommom's birthday party to look forward to!

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