Thursday, August 29, 2013

8-29-13 = 14 months

Another month has come and gone! Wyatt continues to do well, his personality is really starting to show! He is loud and demanding of attention and wants to be part of everything all of the time.

Wyatt does a pretty good job of putting up with Wes, who is quite rough with him. It won't be long until he fights back, but for now he takes it!

He is still not the best sleeper- up at least twice a night most nights. Sigh. He is a very light sleeper and being in our room he often wakes when we move around. If one of the dogs needs to go out... Well, that's the end of it!

He is over 23 lbs now, and I've just swapped him into 18 month clothes... Since I have quite a few summer things in that size I decided it was time!

He talks a lot- jabbering, but also quite a few words. "Hot," "thank you," "hello," "bye-bye," "mama," "da-da," "na-na," (which is Arlene and also savanna) "ba-ba" (bottle) and "kitty." He makes car noises and imitates a lot. Waves bye and hello, loves the phone and pushing buttons. He wants to be outside all the time, and is pretty rough and tumble.

He gives the best kisses!

He is loud and very dramatic. He makes a big deal of things. He cries and whines more than Wes ever did. He's a drama queen for sure! But we sure do love him!

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Cindis Camp

As busy as we are, I couldn't let the end of summer vacation come without at least one trip up to Cindi's camp! We have gone every summer for as long as I can remember... And Wyatt was due for his introduction to the place!

He was fearless in the water as usual, and face planted a few times without much complaint. He walked out to me at one point... Walking himself under the surface. His mouth was completely submerged and he was still walking when I grabbed him! Swim lessons here we come!

Cindi had popsicles and once Wes got over being shy he remembered why he loves camp so much! I was glad to be with my friend again, in a place we have so many fun summer memories at... and the day was beautiful for making more!

We did all the usual camp stuff- dock jumping, paddle boating, stick throwing (for Bode) swimming and junk eating!

Somehow Olivia didn't make it into any of my picture- but she was there for sure! She swam the width if the lake to the blueberry bushes all by herself! swim team super star! With the wild little boys, I think she and Cinid did more chatting and catching up than I did- but that's fine by me! Cindi has been such a good friend for so long- she has known the older kids for just about as long as I have!

I'm so glad we got up there- the weather has turned and it looks like it may be cool and grey for the last few days of summer! I guess that will make it easier when the kids have to go back to school next week anyhow!

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8-24-13 = 50 years

Last Saturday was Grandma and Grandpa Houston's 50th wedding anniversary! She and Anna and Krista (and Olivia and Savanna and lots of others) had worked really hard planning a big clambake to celebrate! The day came, and it was beautiful, really it couldn't have been better!

What a special treat to be there as they celebrated 50 years of marriage!

The jams that Anna had made (with lots of help from the berry pickers and jam makers!) and the yellow roses (which is what she had at the wedding) made for such a pretty party!

There were 50 guests- their friends, family and neighbors. It's amazing what ties bind you after 50 years!

The kids were all very well behaved, and everyone looked so nice. It was fun to dance and play with Jack and Nick. Grandmas yard was so festive with the tent and all the decorations.

I hope the kids remember it, it's really a special occasion. As their day grew nearer, it made me think back and remember my Grandparent's (Wilson) 50th.

Throwing such a big party was a lot of work, but thankfully there were many hands to pitch in... Even Cooper helped out! I wish Bill and Beth many more happy years together!

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Scenes from August

The month has been flying by and school is just around the corner... Here are a few random shots from the month:

We are busy out in the barn...

The dogs demand attention too...

We have been doing lots of work and play in the yard...

Managed to make the town's Mill Field Festival (Billy worked the Boy Scout food booth for a few hour shift)

There was plenty to do getting ready for Grandma and Grandpa Houston's 50th! The girls especially were very busy helping with that- Billy pitched in too- and Dad had plenty of chores he got accomplished, one being fixing her golf cart up!

Flat Rock Bridge Camping

We took the camper out for our first real trip to a campground earlier in the month... It might have been our first real attempt at taking it to a campsite,, but it was only into Lebanon! I needed to be able to come back and forth to take care of the critters so we tried this local spot. We took 4 days, Bill had to scoot out for a few appointments- but it was an overall nice little vacation. We ended up with a mixed bag weather wise, but we still had fun! Somebody sarcastically asked if it was possible to have fun (meaning relax) whilst camping in the rain with 5 kids, all the while going back and forth to take care of our animals... When she put it that way... It was sort of work... But isn't vacation always a little "work?!"

The rain didn't slow us down- we played hard anyhow... Took a break now and again to dry out, but got real good and dirty and wet!

The campground had lots of amenities, and Billy especially loved to ride his bike all around.

The last 2 days were sunny and we managed to swim and tube down the Salmon Falls River

All the rain made out site slightly soggy, and made a mud puddle (perfect for Wyatt to muck around in) in the road right in front of us. It also brought a pair of ducks into our "yard". One even came up and pecked at my painted toenails!

I think all in all the kids had fun, savanna would have been happier had we been able to pitch a tent. She wanted to sleep outside. Me, I was happy to have the comforts of the camper!

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With Grandma and Grandpa Houston's 50th fast approaching Auntie Anna asked us to help pick as many berries as possible- she planned to make jam as the 50th's party favor... So one afternoon off we went, and picked we did! Over 30 lbs at Berry Best Farm- Cousin Jack had been the week before and helped, so with our 5, he and Nic all the Grandkids pitched in!

Wes was a wonderful picker- hardly ate any! Wyatt on the other hand... He ate them all- green, blue; it didn't matter!

The berries made much more than she anticipated... 72 pint jars later and the favors were taken care of! The sweet jam will hopefully remind many of the wonderful 50 years Grandma and Grandpa Houston have spent together, and the wonderful family that has grown from their love!
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