Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flat Rock Bridge Camping

We took the camper out for our first real trip to a campground earlier in the month... It might have been our first real attempt at taking it to a campsite,, but it was only into Lebanon! I needed to be able to come back and forth to take care of the critters so we tried this local spot. We took 4 days, Bill had to scoot out for a few appointments- but it was an overall nice little vacation. We ended up with a mixed bag weather wise, but we still had fun! Somebody sarcastically asked if it was possible to have fun (meaning relax) whilst camping in the rain with 5 kids, all the while going back and forth to take care of our animals... When she put it that way... It was sort of work... But isn't vacation always a little "work?!"

The rain didn't slow us down- we played hard anyhow... Took a break now and again to dry out, but got real good and dirty and wet!

The campground had lots of amenities, and Billy especially loved to ride his bike all around.

The last 2 days were sunny and we managed to swim and tube down the Salmon Falls River

All the rain made out site slightly soggy, and made a mud puddle (perfect for Wyatt to muck around in) in the road right in front of us. It also brought a pair of ducks into our "yard". One even came up and pecked at my painted toenails!

I think all in all the kids had fun, savanna would have been happier had we been able to pitch a tent. She wanted to sleep outside. Me, I was happy to have the comforts of the camper!

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