Thursday, August 29, 2013

8-24-13 = 50 years

Last Saturday was Grandma and Grandpa Houston's 50th wedding anniversary! She and Anna and Krista (and Olivia and Savanna and lots of others) had worked really hard planning a big clambake to celebrate! The day came, and it was beautiful, really it couldn't have been better!

What a special treat to be there as they celebrated 50 years of marriage!

The jams that Anna had made (with lots of help from the berry pickers and jam makers!) and the yellow roses (which is what she had at the wedding) made for such a pretty party!

There were 50 guests- their friends, family and neighbors. It's amazing what ties bind you after 50 years!

The kids were all very well behaved, and everyone looked so nice. It was fun to dance and play with Jack and Nick. Grandmas yard was so festive with the tent and all the decorations.

I hope the kids remember it, it's really a special occasion. As their day grew nearer, it made me think back and remember my Grandparent's (Wilson) 50th.

Throwing such a big party was a lot of work, but thankfully there were many hands to pitch in... Even Cooper helped out! I wish Bill and Beth many more happy years together!

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