Thursday, August 29, 2013


With Grandma and Grandpa Houston's 50th fast approaching Auntie Anna asked us to help pick as many berries as possible- she planned to make jam as the 50th's party favor... So one afternoon off we went, and picked we did! Over 30 lbs at Berry Best Farm- Cousin Jack had been the week before and helped, so with our 5, he and Nic all the Grandkids pitched in!

Wes was a wonderful picker- hardly ate any! Wyatt on the other hand... He ate them all- green, blue; it didn't matter!

The berries made much more than she anticipated... 72 pint jars later and the favors were taken care of! The sweet jam will hopefully remind many of the wonderful 50 years Grandma and Grandpa Houston have spent together, and the wonderful family that has grown from their love!
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