Thursday, August 29, 2013

8-29-13 = 14 months

Another month has come and gone! Wyatt continues to do well, his personality is really starting to show! He is loud and demanding of attention and wants to be part of everything all of the time.

Wyatt does a pretty good job of putting up with Wes, who is quite rough with him. It won't be long until he fights back, but for now he takes it!

He is still not the best sleeper- up at least twice a night most nights. Sigh. He is a very light sleeper and being in our room he often wakes when we move around. If one of the dogs needs to go out... Well, that's the end of it!

He is over 23 lbs now, and I've just swapped him into 18 month clothes... Since I have quite a few summer things in that size I decided it was time!

He talks a lot- jabbering, but also quite a few words. "Hot," "thank you," "hello," "bye-bye," "mama," "da-da," "na-na," (which is Arlene and also savanna) "ba-ba" (bottle) and "kitty." He makes car noises and imitates a lot. Waves bye and hello, loves the phone and pushing buttons. He wants to be outside all the time, and is pretty rough and tumble.

He gives the best kisses!

He is loud and very dramatic. He makes a big deal of things. He cries and whines more than Wes ever did. He's a drama queen for sure! But we sure do love him!

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