Saturday, September 7, 2013

First days

This week was our "first" days of school!
Savanna- grade 8. Noble high school
Billy- grade 6. Noble middle school

These two went Wednesday and each started at a new school

Olivia- grade 11. Noble high school

She went Thursday for her first day since she didn't need orientation

Wes- 1st year preK. Puddle jumpers preschool

Wes had a 1 hr "mini class" on Thursday. After he came out I told him MomMom had called to see how his day was. I said I was going to call her to say that he did great. "Yeah, I didn't punch anybody!" He said. So laughing to myself I said "Yeah, I'm going to tell her you were great." "Yup, I didn't say 'stupid' OR 'dumb'" he chirped right back. Ok. There you have it. He did great! Didn't punch anybody or say stupid or dumb. Guess we are off to a good start! Next week starts the full program and he will go Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11.

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