Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

On Monday Billy and his cub pack (as well as the town's Boy Scouts) marched in our small community Memorial Day parade. The parade is tiny compared to others, I'm sure. There were marching bands from the high and middle schools, a contingent of veterans and some older model cars. The Scouts and a few other groups marched along too to round out the parade. It may have been small, but they marched right along proud as can be, excited to be part of the action and this year old enough to begin to realize exactly what Memorial day is all about.
The boys walked the route waving their flags and supporting the troops past and present who have fought for our freedom. They listened intently to the blessings and speeches and as the names of the town's lost soldiers was read. The gun salutes were impressive, and the air somber but festive at the same time...

It was a beautiful morning and a great time to spend with fellow community members remembering those who have served and taking an opportunity to be thankful for all that we have...

Happy Birthday Olivia

Olivia turned 12 this past weekend! Can you believe that this time next year she will be a teenager!? It blows my mind! She had 3 friends from school over on Friday for a sleepover. We had erected a tent city on the front lawn, but they ended up back inside due to the bugs. They were up well past 2am, and were very tired on Saturday! Silly girls... but they seemed to have a good time!
We got Olivia a camera- she has been wanting one for a while, so now she can explore her world photographically. She keeps forgetting it and "missing" picture opportunities- she has to get into the hang of having it I guess! My Mom took her on a shopping "spree" for her gift from them- she got to go crazy at the mall, and got some really nice clothes! Thank goodness she gets tired of trying things on, or we would have been there all day! Monday night we had Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie and Uncle over for dinner- steak tips and cheddar mashed potatoes with corn on the cob and garlic bread! A great way to end a long birthday weekend! Fheww. Here's to another wonderful year- we love you so much!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Since it was so hot yesterday, Savanna and I gave Squeeke a bath after school. She was a very good girl for her hosing and soaping. I am more and more impressed with this pony as every day goes by. Somebody really spent a lot of time with her- shes such a peach! Her mane and tail came out a beautiful creamy color- I'm so glad to have them finally clean!
And, humm. As we washed I couldn't help but notice a certain similarity in "coat" color!

Fast forward to summer

Yesterday the temps topped out up over 90 degrees. It certainly felt like summer around here! I only got Beau on the line once- it was just too hot! He got clearance for 5 mins of trotting twice a day- on the lunge line. So, we walk out to the back side of the field to use the level area there for our sessions. He was a bit unsure when we first started- it was a bit of back to basics for him. But, after a few days he seems to remember just fine! I also think that some of it is a bit of herd separation anxiety. It was beginning to be a problem last fall and I bet some of him inattentiveness and distraction is from that too- not just being rusty! He looks pretty good right?! This is with the left leg on the inside, so I'm pretty happy with the push here- but we shall see what the vets say on tuesday when he goes back to the clinic. In an effort to keep the mister happy, I left Poke and Anna in the field while we worked- this way he had no excuses to be naughty. Id like to address some of the separation issues, but when we are rehabbing doesn't seem like the right time. I just want to keep him calm and quiet and keep up with the program they have given me to ensure the best possible outcome!
In the afternoon, I rode- just around the yard and fields. Then, since it was so hot Beau had a bath! He really needed it- he has a very dandery coat and a whole winters worth of crud was suds out! I'm hapy with the start, but it will be a few more soapings until he is really squeeky clean!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Savanna's New Blog

Hey Guys- this is the cutest, go check her out.... Savanna now has her very own blog!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is my Luck changing?!

My friend Sue recently posted on her blog about a lucky clover she "caught" in her shoe while walking across the field. I took the time to post in the comments on that day because 4 leafed clovers and I are somehow linked. It's one of those things you would share on a "10 things you might not know about me" questionnaires. Yup, it's true. I find lucky clovers ALL the time. Some people even think it's odd how many and how often I find them. I like to think its just that I look down a lot and have an eye for detail... but whatever the case may be, its fact that I find many more than the "average" person. It's not an exaggeration to say that every time I look, I find one- and I find them all the time without looking. Well. After Sue's post, and some serious time spent hand grazing and hosing, it dawned on me that so far this spring that I hadn't found any. I even tried on more than one occasion. It was frustrating. I'm the one who can ALWAYS find them. And now, this spring when I sure could use some good luck, none. Well, after reading Sue's post I started to worry. I haven't found one since all this started with Beau. Well- then I was on a mission. I HAD to find one. We need luck- bad!
Today after putting the 3 amigos out to pasture, I stopped to blow dandelions in the yard, and as I walked back towards the house. This is what I found. Still no 4 leafer- but how about 5?!
Then I did what I always do with 4 leafed clovers. I fed it to a horse! Beau that is. He needs the luck. Show prepping was where I first noticed my affinity for clover finding. Taking all that time to bathe and get ready means a lot more time standing around in the barn yard and well, I find clovers when I stand around in the grass. I started my feeding 4 leafed clovers as a show ritual. Now I can't show without finding and feeding a 4 leafed clover- otherwise, I'm sure we won't place well... it's an extra boost to have the luck on the inside of your horse you know!! Here's hoping that the 5 leafed one did us some good, it's about time for a turn of luck!!

The shedding of Squeeke

Squeeke is almost shed out. She is still holding onto a little hair on her belly and flanks. We have been working her with the shedding blade, but she is just not quite ready to let it go! She is such a pretty palomino color this spring.
Here are two shots from today and one from yesterday where I was attempting to show her "new" color. None of the shots came out all that great, but I hope you can get a sense of what she is shedding out as- a real copper-golden palomino. What a pretty pony!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goings on

Tuesday we had our appointment for the first half of spring shots (I break it up so nobody gets too much in one day) and I almost missed the Vet! Bill agreed to walk with me in the morning, and we took the dogs and headed off. I wanted to know about some trails out where I have been walking Beau and instead of telling me... he showed me! We walked about an hour on a really nice loop I want to try as soon as we are ready for it! I had my phone in my pocket... but got no reception in the woods- well the Vet was right on time (I always assume they are going to be late) and we were still out. All 3 vehicles were in the drive- so she knew something was up. They waited 15 mins and had just left when we came back and I got the message. They were close enough to turn back and we were still able to get it done! Squeeke and Poke will have to wait for dental work until the next visit (2 weeks) as the Vet broke her finger a few days ago. Beau was done in the fall, and should be fine to wait. She watched him trot off, and said he looked good. He took an off step, but I think it was the gravel and the fact he had just walked over an hour on the trails- including a bit of bush whacking! Shhhh. Don't tell them that! We pulled coggins' and they all got 1/2 their shots, we will do the rest next visit. Beau goes back to NEEC in 2 weeks too, and she said she thought I could be "a little hopeful." I said something about maybe all I'll ever do is walk the trails, and both she and the tech were like, "nah." We shall see.

Wednesday I had to run and get grain, and I had a gift certificate to the tack shop burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks Bill and Beth~ Happy Birthday to me!! So, after I hit town I stopped in to see what I could find. The shop itself also had sent out a $10 off coupon (for $50 or more) so I could have $60 of "free" stuff! I got a bunch of needed items and felt happy with that- although it wasn't anything fun for myself, it was stuff I needed and didn't have to buy. Then, as we were checking out, I was joking with my friend that I can never sell stuff- I'm a hoarder (she had over $100 in consignment money) It dawned on my that years ago I had brought stuff to the shop to sell... and low and behold I had $40 credit for 2 pairs of breeches I sold 4 years ago! So, I ran back and got this cute pair of baby blue and yellow plaid polos I saw... and I still have $11 credit left for next time! I can't believe it happened, but somehow I MADE money on that tack shop trip, got everything I needed and a fun new pair of wraps to boot!

Today and tomorrow I am working at the school. I have not had much chance to sub lately with Beau hurt, but I did have a few days planned that I agreed to long ago... So, I opted to honor them as I felt obligated and I can sure use the cash! I have these 2 days, and one day next week- then I am doing a "long term" position for the first 2 weeks of June. Hopefully Beau will be less intensive by then... 'cause it sure is stressful trying to work and get his treatments in too!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Well- it's Monday gain. How did that happen? I swear, time flies! My Aunt Linda passed suddenly last week, so I unexpectedly had to spend Friday and Saturday in New Jersery. Em and Dad and I drove down in time for a gathering Friday night then after the memorial luncheon Saturday Em and I booked it back. I was a long haul, but I wanted to be there with my family. Bill did Beau for me, I was apprehensive about leaving, but they did fine! I think a few days off from looking at it did me good- he seems to be doing well. Our vet will be out for round one of spring shots tomorrow- I'll have her look at it and that will make me feel better about pushing back his Clinic visit another 2 weeks. I'm trying to save some $$!

Mother's day we had brunch here at the house. Both our Mom's were able to come, so that was nice. It's odd being a "step" Mom on mother's day... I never really know how to celebrate with my kiddos. I just did a breakfast and then we hung out, we had a nice time and I got a pot of flowers and a chicken pie from the local farm stand (so I wouldn't have to cook dinner) plus a cute magnet Billy made at school. Cards and crafts from the kids are always cute. We took the horses for a walk, and Bill hauled my Mom and Jayson on the trailer behind the 4-wheeler so they could go too. I love hanging out with my family- its was the perfect way to spend the day. In case I haven't said it lately- I have the best Mom around, and am so lucky to have her! If papercrafting is your thing... check out her blog. Ok, check it out even if papercrafting isn't your thing. She makes some pretty cool stuff.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Billy Rides

Billy wanted to "ride" today. It's not often that he wants to get on a horse. So, yesterday morning when he came down ready for school with a pair of folded britches in his hand and left them by the back door, I knew he was for real. He asked if he could ride after school and I said sure- he said "good, 'cause I found some riding pants in my room." Ok then. Unfortunately it rained yesterday, so a ride was out.
But today- Yup he got his chance! Savanna led him up and down the driveway while I walked Beau. He was super happy! A few weeks ago he came down to our room crying one morning because Savanna told him he couldn't ride Squeeke. I told him to ignore her- that it wasn't true. And then- get this: he said "No, she said in the Pony Club Manuel it says that I can't ride Squeeke." I just about cried it was so funny! Poor little guy. Click to enlarge the top shot- his toothless grin is priceless. And yes Cindi- his breeches come up to his knees! Like all of his pants these days- they are too short


We now have 4 baby chicks. Don't ask me how I got put in charge of taking care of anything else... It just happened! We lost 3 of our hens to a raccoon a few weeks ago- it was a bad scene. One of the really hot nights Olivia woke me up at 1am crying that a hen was "being torn to shreds" outside her open window. We had a miscommunication about who was locking them up, and the back door to the coup was left open. Two were killed that evening, and one injured one lasted a few days then we lost her too. It was the first loss we have had in over three years that I've had my flock, I was pretty bummed. Bill and I discussed getting chicks, and I thought we had decided we didn't need any more critters. I have my rooster and 5 hens remaining, that's plenty for me.
Then last weekend, they all headed off to an open house at one of the stables where Bill works- it was a big event with lots of vendors and activities. One of the booths there had these babies... and Bill's a softy. So, he and the kids came home with 4. They are really cute- I'll admit it. I love my chickens, and I'm thankful to be able to keep them, but I don't even like eggs! These little gals will be this fluffy and cute for a few weeks- then man do they get ugly! For now though- there really isn't much cuter than a baby chick!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Carrying On

We are continuing with the routine. I walk Beau once or twice under saddle each day, and hand walk the other sessions. He has had some hand grazing- but no more time in the field after the last jumping expedition. Having gone to the every third day wrap schedule, there is noticeably more "puff" in the hock (which is to be expected) which I don't like... but we need to continue to wean off the support. I am considering taking him off farm this weekend (shhh. don't tell the vets!) he feels great at the walk, and even if we just go someplace and do 20mins there, I'd be happy. I'm getting a little tired of our driveway!
Savanna wore breeches to school again today...

I really enjoy having her along for my "rides"
(Billy was out photographer- want to guess how many shots of horsie hiney I have on the camera tonight?!)

Friday, May 1, 2009

More Excitement

The three amigos got to go out on grass today! They only had 45 minutes since none of them has had more than hand grazing so far this spring. Beau did race around for a moment or two when they first went out, but then settled to the job at hand; Eating!! All was good, until Squeeke and Beau found the log that connects this meadow with the front paddock and headed up towards the house. They must have jumped into the paddock and I guess chubby Sonny didn't want to do it. He got left on the "wrong" side and got himself rather worked up! I find it hilarious that the invalid and the little legger hopped the log, and the only one with any jump training got stuck! It was hose downs and vetrolin sprays all around after their little outing, I'm sure it was more then Beau should have done! I'll try to get them out again tomorrow- maybe when somebody else is here...I want to slowly get them more grass time- but I was too stressed trying to watch Beau and then having to deal with the big palomino! Another bother is that Squeeke's pony sized fly mask is too small... I'll either have to add more velcro to extend the straps, or get her another one. I'm bummed! What pony doesn't fit into pony sized gear?! Geeze.

And in other news, I rode TWICE today! I was so psyched- 40 minutes in the saddle. Yahooo! And this afternoon we even did some dressage work at the walk- a bit of "collecting"- some walk on contact. Some small lateral movements off my legs- just a step here or there. He is still a bit stiff and "lookey" but I don't care. I'm just so glad to be up!