Friday, May 22, 2009


Since it was so hot yesterday, Savanna and I gave Squeeke a bath after school. She was a very good girl for her hosing and soaping. I am more and more impressed with this pony as every day goes by. Somebody really spent a lot of time with her- shes such a peach! Her mane and tail came out a beautiful creamy color- I'm so glad to have them finally clean!
And, humm. As we washed I couldn't help but notice a certain similarity in "coat" color!


  1. Weren't yesterday and today lovely days? Savanna looks so happy washing Squeeke! She needs to put one of the photos on her blog, too!

  2. now to look at it skweeky and me your right!!!

  3. Gotta love those summer days!! Squeeke looks great!! She is such a pretty dark palomino color!! Gotta love that gold body!! Such a great pony. You almost wonder how good ones like those slip through the cracks. Love the "hair coat" similarities.