Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beach bums

We have gone to the beach a few times this summer: here are a few shots

Wyatt loves the sand and water. I knew he would.

The waves, they require constant vigilance. You mustn't take your eyes off them! Wes, he loves them just as much as last year. He jumps them and has no fear of going right out there!

Olivia is getting really good on the boogie boards and rides the waves really well.

Bill was ale to join us one afternoon.

We are having fun so far this vacation. It certainly has been good weather for the beach all of a sudden. We have had a heat wave this past week or so, and it finally feels like summer around here!

Mt. Major

Our Girl Scout year is winding down, and one of the last things we needed to do was finish up a hiking badge the girls had been working on. This was one Savanna was particularly interested in, and she wanted to be sure our hike was just that. A hike, not a walk. So, we chose mt major as our final destination.

We had beautiful weather, and it was a really nice hike. I was proud of the girls. I expected some whining and complaints, but really we had none.

It's been a pleasure to work with this group, and next year the troop will be mush smaller as we are loosing over half of them. The age where scouts isn't cool any more is upon us.

It was a lovely day, and a great way to make memories of these girls as they grow up and move on to other adventures. Savanna and I will continue but we aren't sure exactly what the troop will look like, so for now, this is how I will remember them.

Boy Scout Camp

Billy crossed over to Boy Scouts this spring. So, he was eligible to go to summer camp for the first time. The program does a good job of preparing the boys... He has been to camp Hinds a number of time for Cub Scout events, and did one weekend trip with his new troop... But this first week away was totally new territory! The girls haven't even done anything like this... Off on his own at overnight camp for a whole week!

He did great, as we expected him too! They did so many fun things I'm not sure there was time for home sickness! We sure did miss him though. And on Friday when I went to pick him up, I had to wait as Wes and Wyatt got the first hugs!

I have a feeling he will be headed back next year, and I know after hearing the stories, Wes is waiting for his turn as well! I'm proud of this camper- he's turning out to be a pretty cool kid!


It was a tough year for making hay. It has been a long spell of wet and hot- never dry and hot. It's well over a month later than usual, but we finally have all our hay in!


6-29-13. Wyatt is one!

I'm behind on my blogging big time. I'm almost a month late, but Wyatt is still growing and changing despite my bad posting! I had really been looking forward to his birthday- finally a "summer" baby!
However, the weather just wouldn't cooperate for my beach birthday party. Boo. I had planned a fun day at Fort Foster- but we ended up just having everyone here instead! He was a bit out of sorts, but all in all managed well. I thought it was a fun afternoon, and I'm always glad to get together with our family and friends.

Given that I had planned for a beach party my "theme" was a sort of beach/carnival.  Lacking the beach itself we sort of just went with it. I made his cake (and a large one to match) based off the polka dot invitations I had sent out. It was my first attempt with fondant, and I was happy with the way it turned out.

Our guests included Keke, Ali and Delainy Blaisdel, Arlene, Kelley, Sam and Charlotte, Jon and Mary Leeke, Linda, Mommom and Sam, grandma and grandpa Houston, auntie Anna and uncle Eddie and Nic as well as poppy, grandma Beth, Em, Kaleb and Jayson.

I'm so happy with our littlest man. He reminds me of Savanna in a lot of ways. He is pretty loud- he really vocalizes his needs. He also can be quite dramatic and demanding. He is a huge love though, and is a real Mamma's boy right now.

It's so hard to believe its been a year already. Time sure does fly! He isn't really a baby any more I suppose, a toddler thru and thru! I'm so thankful for him, and wonder where he will go and what amazing things he will do! Happy first birthday Wy!

Fun Town-Splash Town

One of our first summer outings was a trip to fun town-splash town. We had a great day- the weather was wonderful, hot enough to warrant the water rides and clear all day! We have had a crazy pattern of weather this summer with lots of rainstorms in the afternoons... This day was perfect! Keke and her girls have season passes so we met them there, and Jayson slept over as part of his fun weekend away while the rest of his family was on the cape. Wes isn't tall enough for most of the rides, but we managed to send off the older kids and then did a loop of the little rides and played in the water park and pools. I was glad to have the Blaisdel's there- it opened up for the other kids to wander and do all the bigger stuff.

It was a fun way to start off our vacation (we intend to really focus on family and being with each other this summer...)

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