Saturday, July 20, 2013

Boy Scout Camp

Billy crossed over to Boy Scouts this spring. So, he was eligible to go to summer camp for the first time. The program does a good job of preparing the boys... He has been to camp Hinds a number of time for Cub Scout events, and did one weekend trip with his new troop... But this first week away was totally new territory! The girls haven't even done anything like this... Off on his own at overnight camp for a whole week!

He did great, as we expected him too! They did so many fun things I'm not sure there was time for home sickness! We sure did miss him though. And on Friday when I went to pick him up, I had to wait as Wes and Wyatt got the first hugs!

I have a feeling he will be headed back next year, and I know after hearing the stories, Wes is waiting for his turn as well! I'm proud of this camper- he's turning out to be a pretty cool kid!

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