Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fun Town-Splash Town

One of our first summer outings was a trip to fun town-splash town. We had a great day- the weather was wonderful, hot enough to warrant the water rides and clear all day! We have had a crazy pattern of weather this summer with lots of rainstorms in the afternoons... This day was perfect! Keke and her girls have season passes so we met them there, and Jayson slept over as part of his fun weekend away while the rest of his family was on the cape. Wes isn't tall enough for most of the rides, but we managed to send off the older kids and then did a loop of the little rides and played in the water park and pools. I was glad to have the Blaisdel's there- it opened up for the other kids to wander and do all the bigger stuff.

It was a fun way to start off our vacation (we intend to really focus on family and being with each other this summer...)

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