Sunday, June 27, 2010

Horse Show Beau

I took Beau to a horse show today! We have only gone to one other and it was when I very first got him... and you may remember it did not go so well! Mr. Beauly has grown up a lot and did great this go round! I was very proud of him...

I had only planned on a couple walk/trot classes, unsure of how he would be having never been in a show atmosphere except for that one time. I figured if he could stay calm and cool and get through those classes I'd be happy. Plus, our buddy Miller and his Mom Linda were going to be there, and she was worried he would be high strung too...

He has been so good lately, I should have know he would do fine! We ended up in the 2 adult walk trot, and then added an adult walk, trot, canter since he was doing so well! The first class we got 4th (not bad for equitation since I can't really get my right heel flat- let alone down!) and 2nd in pleasure. Then, after a respectable right lead canter we ended up having a small fit, kicking out and grazing the rail (and scaring the crap out of an elderly spectator!) to the left. Oh well. We obviously didn't place there- but I was still very happy with him!

Bill brought the kids, and I was happy to have an audience! I'm sad to say, for even though he is a horsie "husband" Bill gets a fail on the photog job! Not too many good shots, I think he spent most of the time riding the rail and chatting with Linda's husband! I was happy with the day, and proud of my boy... now I've got 2 new ribbons to decorate with and the confirmation that he is ready for some "big boy" stuff! Now I just have to loose the baby weight (and then some!) so I can fit into my show clothes!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Scooting- edited to add progress

He made it to the living room!!!

After I took the original picture, I pushed him back up to the tank... he worked his way back across the dining room, down the hall and into the living room. Watch out world, here he comes!!

original post:

Wes is scooting (albeit backwards) in his walker! It's the cutest thing, one foot at a time he has moved about 6 or 7 feet back away from the fish tank where he was watching the fish eat! Yesterday Billy and I saw him move a few inches- rocking the chair really... but it's for real today... Wes is on the move!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

StoryLand 6-22/23

My Mom very kindly (and generously!) bought all the Grandkids season passes to StoryLand this year! In the past we have all gone once during the summer when we would borrow my Dad's friend's cabin for the weekend. But, now that they own their own and we plan to be there much more often- season tickets were the way to go! We can head over for an hour or two, or the whole day, any time we are there!

Wednesday was the "season opener" for my gang, and we had a great day! It rained over night, and was a bit overcast when we headed over- but the sun came out and we had a ball! Plus, the lines were never long and we got to do everything the kids wanted to do! That's part of the beauty of the passes, you don't have to try to rush around and fit it all into one day. We hit the highlights, rode some things multiple times and were fine to head home before anyone had a melt down or go too tired!

We rode some smaller rides for Wes and Jayson, and the big kids got to ride all the rides they love too! We missed having Kaleb there, but with the passes we can go back anytime! It was such a nice day- the park is always clean and "friendly" the kids were well behaved and we still left in time to get in an afternoon swim.

It was nice to not feel like we had to rush and push to do all the rides. It was also nice that this year I was able to go on some of the things I missed last year while pregnant! I did sit out a few this time, watching Wes and the stroller, but I manged to ride more than I did last visit.

So, our first StoryLand visit, there will be many more before the season is thru~

Conway 6-22/23

The kids and I rolled up to Conway on Tuesday to meet Mom and Dad, Em and Jay so we could hurry up and get to StoryLand for our season passes. We made the most of the trip by going up in the afternoon so we could enjoy a sleep over and then have a full day of fun on Wednesday!
We made it up in time for a grilled supper, then a walk down to the beach- despite not wearing suits, all the kids (our big guys, plus cousin Jayson) went into the water. Poppie walked back for towels and his suit, but the kids- nope, they just went in their clothes! So, by the time the sun went down and we were walking back in the dark it was pretty certain we needed to stoke up the fire (that Olivia and Billy had built) and have some s'mores!
I don't like marshmallows, so it's not my kind of treat, but what kid can resist a gooey roasted marshmallow with chocolate and graham cracker?! Yumm!
Wednesday Jayon and Wes wore matching shirts to StoryLand. Billy thinks it's a bit "dorky" to match, but Jay thinks it's great to wear what Baby Westley wears... in fact, he like to play in/use/wear all of the baby gear! So, Mom had gotten them these t-shirts at the Children's place. They were so cute!

We lucked out with a nice day after a drizzly morning. We were able to do just about everything at StoryLand and still make it back in time for a swim before dinner. Olivia wanted to take Wes, so he wore one of his suits and once again he proved to be a water baby!

All of the gang got right in; it's so nice to have the lake right there for cooling off! Mom and Dad have some beach toys already up there, so the kids had plenty to play with, and she had brought a pot of coffee down... so all the Mom's were happy too!
I'm sure we will be back up there soon, maybe next time Bill can make it- it sure sucks to be the one who has to stay home and make the money~ Sorry honey- the season passes are good all summer. We can head up any time!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A day at Loon Lane

We were invited to spend the day up at our friend's home on Clemen's Pond yesterday. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time! What a wonderful day to usher in summer vacation (Friday was the last day of school!)
Wes had his first introduction to the water. I knew he was going to be fine, as he loves the tub and shower! I can shower with him and let the water hit him right in the face with no fuss. He is a water baby for sure, and I was excited to get the chance to take him "swimming."
The big kids spend just about the whole day in or on the water- boating, fishing, swimming, playing around... they jumped right into summer vacation with both feet! They are all a bit sluggish this morning, and were all asleep in the car by the time we got home... ah... this is what summer is all about!
After lunch we changed Wes into this bathing suit (swim diaper) and took him down for his "swim." I was right, he had no problem with being in the water. He wasn't too sure about the dogs running by and splashing him, but frankly I hate to be splashed too!

We waded, and sat in the shallows. He played in a tube float for a while, and just enjoyed being part of it all! He is such a busy body that putting him at the center of attention is just fine by him!

After a while, we took him a little deeper. The water was cool (I wouldn't have gone as far I if I wasn't trying to get him wet!) the air mid 80s I'd say, he loved it!
After a while in the water and sun he was done, too tired but not willing to nap lest he miss one moment of the excitement! He tends to get himself over tired when we are out and about... but he can't bare to sleep for fear he might miss something.
He and Daddy tried to nap, but mostly it was Daddy who slept!
The big kids were not going to take a break- nope not at all! Except for coming up to vacuum off the food table, they kept at it right until we had to call them to go!

We did bring our rods and on the last fishing excursion of the day they got a few bites (well, Savanna and Thomas did!) but I think being on the boat was fun enough! Bill has serious boat fever- a disease that strikes him just about ever summer- and I hope his float about yesterday took a bit of the edge off! Ever since we sold the sailboat, he is longing for the open water!
Many thanks to Cindi for hosting- she and Jon have such a beautiful spot up there, and we love to go spend the day! We spent a week a few summers back in their guest house and on the way home last night Billy asked when we were going for the week... I told him we might not stay that long this summer- but we will be back for sure!

Friday, June 18, 2010

What's Wes been up to?

Wes got a highchair this week- what with him being a big eater and all... we needed a place for feeding him. He was getting awful squirmy and trying to aim a spoon with a carefully placed dab of sweet potato at a moving target was getting difficult! I swear, I should have been the one wearing the bib! I bought this Eddie Bauer chair off Craigslist, and while it is certainly used- it was a big savings on a nice chair. He took it for a test run yesterday and thought it was pretty swell- today he ate his peas in there and it was a smashing success. The chair, not the peas! So far he has had carrot, sweet potato and now peas. Also in his food repertoire are rice cereal and crackers as well as watermelon which he loves to suck.
All that food is making Wes big and strong! He loves to stand in his pack and play. We filled the bassinet with his toys and he just hangs there playing with one hand and holding on for dear life with the other! He can hold himself for 5 or 6 minutes and is so proud~ he gets sad when he tires out and needs to sit down. Standing is by far his favorite position. Placed on the floor he will roll onto his tummy and push up until his arms tire then he will fuss. Roll him to his back and he flips right over again! Silly guy

He can sit pretty well but needs help with the balancing still. If you slump him and let him rest his arms he can stay sitting on his own. Otherwise the bumbo or some pillows hold him up fine for playing! Savanna took this picture of him sitting in his pack-n-play with the turtle Billy gave him. Its the base to an old ring stacker toy Billy had. It plays music and has lights that light up- the rings are long gone but he loves to suck on the turtle and listen to the songs. It's batteries are giving out and he gets 5 minutes or so before it starts to drone... but he loves it anyhow!

Billy also has been sharing this toy too! The little red and yellow trike bike has been circling around our deck for ever! The big kids still fight about who gets to ride it and even though Olivia's knees bump her chin, they threw a huge fuss last year when we threatened to get rid of it... now that we have a body better suited to it's size it has been given a stay of execution... and with our recent warm weather it's bike season again! It's so cute how Billy tools around with his Brother!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6-16-10 5 months

Another month has passed! Here is Wes today at 5 months old!
He is sporting his chocolate parliament Goodmama diaper, one of my favorites!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sam comes to visit

Our buddy Sam came over to play today! I was so excited to have him here, and the big kids were thrilled to meet him! I can't believe how much he has grown in just the few weeks since I saw him last~ yipes!! He is getting tall, and has the most perfect hair... he is such a cutie!
We tried to pose the boys in Westley's farm chair, but with 2 big boys we were just a little short on space! It will be so much fun when they can actually play together- for now I'm happy to just have them next to each other. It won't be long before they are are thick as thieves and getting into all sorts of mischief.
I am so glad we were able to get together... Kelley has gone back to work full time (I just don't know how she does it~ Wonder Woman!!) and I was happy we managed to get a visit in. We had a quick lunch and time to just hang out. Auntie Em had brought over a neat contraption to hold fruit so the kids can suck/gum it up. Both boys had some watermelon that Kelley brought. Yumm! It was nice that the boys sort of cycled around each other- each napping while the other had some individual time. But, of course they were awake enough that we were able to pose them for a photo shoot!
Wes was totally jealous of Sam's monster pants. They would match his Ooga Booga diaper, and we had a bit of outfit envy! We got over it, but man... that Sam is one fine dressed fellow! He did bring Wes a farmyard bib as a gift (and I got flowers! Thanks Kel) which is super cute, and is wipe off too!
Wes was a good boy and shared all of his toys and things, and Sam did great with all the hustle and bustle of our house! Kaleb and Jayson were here so things were extra hectic but he managed to nap in the swing and hold his own in our busy household! Thanks for the fun play date guys... can't wait to see you again!


One of the Moms from Cub Scouts works at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and arranged for the boys to tour the Coast Guard Cutter "Reliance." It was a neat trip, and even though I misunderstood "going" on a Coast Guard boat to mean we were actually going on a ride, it was a lot of fun!
We went all over the ship and learned a lot about what the crew does and what it means to be aboard the vessel for any length of time. I think it was great for the boys to see what a ship like this is really all about. This cutter has been on a lot of rescue and aid missions in it's lifetime- one of the oldest of it's type still in use. It was just overhauled at the shipyard and was amazing to be on! I can't image living on the boat- the birthing quarters were really quite tight, and I'm sure it is an experience like no other to be stationed to a ship like that. The crew was gracious and answered a lot of questions and allowed us to traipse all about the boat.
It was cool to be aboard as the sun was going down- the light was beautiful and the ship impressive. We had to squeeze down alleys and up and down tiny, steep staircases- great fun for a bunch of Cub Scouts, not so much for Moms packing babies! Wes was great (except for an extremely fussy ride home) and the sailors all seemed to enjoy having the little ones on board. We do some pretty amazing stuff with Scouts
Here is Billy facing away from the Navy Yard- apparently if you are caught taking pictures of the base they will confiscate your camera! Not wanting to risk it, Bill left ours on the bus and I used my phone to snap these... many thanks to those who serve our country!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring Concert

Last evening was Savanna's spring concert. As always our song bird stole the show! She and Kate are always front and center leading the chorus. They sang and swayed and had fun with the songs. We always get complements after the show on how enthusiastic and spirited Savanna is. She really enjoys singing and next year wants to play drums in the band!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Kids

Last night I had a lesson to teach and Bill had a late client so Auntie came to the rescue. She took the big kids out for a quick bite to eat then for a walk on the jetty in Wells. During my lesson my phone chimed with a text and I ignored it- when I got into the car to head home I found this picture she had sent! Look at what an amazing shot she got of my three big kids! Sigh. Life is good.

Fluffy Mail

I have been waiting on these dipes for what seems like forever! Ok, so in reality it was about 3 weeks... but... With them shipping from Canada it felt like an eternity! My Mom spoiled Wes and I rotten buying these Bububebe diapers that I read about online at the diaper site I frequent. They came highly recommended, and the prints were so cute! Wes got a horse, giraffe, hippo, doggie and ooga booga diper this week! His bummie is so soft and squish in these!