Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conway 6-22/23

The kids and I rolled up to Conway on Tuesday to meet Mom and Dad, Em and Jay so we could hurry up and get to StoryLand for our season passes. We made the most of the trip by going up in the afternoon so we could enjoy a sleep over and then have a full day of fun on Wednesday!
We made it up in time for a grilled supper, then a walk down to the beach- despite not wearing suits, all the kids (our big guys, plus cousin Jayson) went into the water. Poppie walked back for towels and his suit, but the kids- nope, they just went in their clothes! So, by the time the sun went down and we were walking back in the dark it was pretty certain we needed to stoke up the fire (that Olivia and Billy had built) and have some s'mores!
I don't like marshmallows, so it's not my kind of treat, but what kid can resist a gooey roasted marshmallow with chocolate and graham cracker?! Yumm!
Wednesday Jayon and Wes wore matching shirts to StoryLand. Billy thinks it's a bit "dorky" to match, but Jay thinks it's great to wear what Baby Westley wears... in fact, he like to play in/use/wear all of the baby gear! So, Mom had gotten them these t-shirts at the Children's place. They were so cute!

We lucked out with a nice day after a drizzly morning. We were able to do just about everything at StoryLand and still make it back in time for a swim before dinner. Olivia wanted to take Wes, so he wore one of his suits and once again he proved to be a water baby!

All of the gang got right in; it's so nice to have the lake right there for cooling off! Mom and Dad have some beach toys already up there, so the kids had plenty to play with, and she had brought a pot of coffee down... so all the Mom's were happy too!
I'm sure we will be back up there soon, maybe next time Bill can make it- it sure sucks to be the one who has to stay home and make the money~ Sorry honey- the season passes are good all summer. We can head up any time!

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