Sunday, June 20, 2010

A day at Loon Lane

We were invited to spend the day up at our friend's home on Clemen's Pond yesterday. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time! What a wonderful day to usher in summer vacation (Friday was the last day of school!)
Wes had his first introduction to the water. I knew he was going to be fine, as he loves the tub and shower! I can shower with him and let the water hit him right in the face with no fuss. He is a water baby for sure, and I was excited to get the chance to take him "swimming."
The big kids spend just about the whole day in or on the water- boating, fishing, swimming, playing around... they jumped right into summer vacation with both feet! They are all a bit sluggish this morning, and were all asleep in the car by the time we got home... ah... this is what summer is all about!
After lunch we changed Wes into this bathing suit (swim diaper) and took him down for his "swim." I was right, he had no problem with being in the water. He wasn't too sure about the dogs running by and splashing him, but frankly I hate to be splashed too!

We waded, and sat in the shallows. He played in a tube float for a while, and just enjoyed being part of it all! He is such a busy body that putting him at the center of attention is just fine by him!

After a while, we took him a little deeper. The water was cool (I wouldn't have gone as far I if I wasn't trying to get him wet!) the air mid 80s I'd say, he loved it!
After a while in the water and sun he was done, too tired but not willing to nap lest he miss one moment of the excitement! He tends to get himself over tired when we are out and about... but he can't bare to sleep for fear he might miss something.
He and Daddy tried to nap, but mostly it was Daddy who slept!
The big kids were not going to take a break- nope not at all! Except for coming up to vacuum off the food table, they kept at it right until we had to call them to go!

We did bring our rods and on the last fishing excursion of the day they got a few bites (well, Savanna and Thomas did!) but I think being on the boat was fun enough! Bill has serious boat fever- a disease that strikes him just about ever summer- and I hope his float about yesterday took a bit of the edge off! Ever since we sold the sailboat, he is longing for the open water!
Many thanks to Cindi for hosting- she and Jon have such a beautiful spot up there, and we love to go spend the day! We spent a week a few summers back in their guest house and on the way home last night Billy asked when we were going for the week... I told him we might not stay that long this summer- but we will be back for sure!


  1. Looks like a great time. I just love the picture of Savanna holding Wes in the water! How lucky to have friends with such nice places to visit.

  2. What a fantastic day!! So much summer fun - I love it :)