Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flowers are Friends

Westley and I had a day off this week- we had no plans, no commitments and the weather had forecasted it to be the pick of the week... So, we trekked up to Cindi's house for a few hours.
Wes discovered this bucket of flowers on the back deck and decided it was the best toy ever! He tried to scootch himself over to it, and once he got himself there (with some help from Cindi) he played it it for quite some time!
He liked pulling himself up on the pot, looking at and feeling the flowers.
And, like everything these days, they went straight into his mouth! I felt a bit bad as he ripped this nice white geranium bloom clear off it's stem but Cindi didn't seem to mind and he had the best time just playing with his new "friend!"

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