Friday, June 18, 2010

What's Wes been up to?

Wes got a highchair this week- what with him being a big eater and all... we needed a place for feeding him. He was getting awful squirmy and trying to aim a spoon with a carefully placed dab of sweet potato at a moving target was getting difficult! I swear, I should have been the one wearing the bib! I bought this Eddie Bauer chair off Craigslist, and while it is certainly used- it was a big savings on a nice chair. He took it for a test run yesterday and thought it was pretty swell- today he ate his peas in there and it was a smashing success. The chair, not the peas! So far he has had carrot, sweet potato and now peas. Also in his food repertoire are rice cereal and crackers as well as watermelon which he loves to suck.
All that food is making Wes big and strong! He loves to stand in his pack and play. We filled the bassinet with his toys and he just hangs there playing with one hand and holding on for dear life with the other! He can hold himself for 5 or 6 minutes and is so proud~ he gets sad when he tires out and needs to sit down. Standing is by far his favorite position. Placed on the floor he will roll onto his tummy and push up until his arms tire then he will fuss. Roll him to his back and he flips right over again! Silly guy

He can sit pretty well but needs help with the balancing still. If you slump him and let him rest his arms he can stay sitting on his own. Otherwise the bumbo or some pillows hold him up fine for playing! Savanna took this picture of him sitting in his pack-n-play with the turtle Billy gave him. Its the base to an old ring stacker toy Billy had. It plays music and has lights that light up- the rings are long gone but he loves to suck on the turtle and listen to the songs. It's batteries are giving out and he gets 5 minutes or so before it starts to drone... but he loves it anyhow!

Billy also has been sharing this toy too! The little red and yellow trike bike has been circling around our deck for ever! The big kids still fight about who gets to ride it and even though Olivia's knees bump her chin, they threw a huge fuss last year when we threatened to get rid of it... now that we have a body better suited to it's size it has been given a stay of execution... and with our recent warm weather it's bike season again! It's so cute how Billy tools around with his Brother!

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  1. Such cute photos! The high chair photo is so funny!!