Saturday, June 12, 2010


One of the Moms from Cub Scouts works at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and arranged for the boys to tour the Coast Guard Cutter "Reliance." It was a neat trip, and even though I misunderstood "going" on a Coast Guard boat to mean we were actually going on a ride, it was a lot of fun!
We went all over the ship and learned a lot about what the crew does and what it means to be aboard the vessel for any length of time. I think it was great for the boys to see what a ship like this is really all about. This cutter has been on a lot of rescue and aid missions in it's lifetime- one of the oldest of it's type still in use. It was just overhauled at the shipyard and was amazing to be on! I can't image living on the boat- the birthing quarters were really quite tight, and I'm sure it is an experience like no other to be stationed to a ship like that. The crew was gracious and answered a lot of questions and allowed us to traipse all about the boat.
It was cool to be aboard as the sun was going down- the light was beautiful and the ship impressive. We had to squeeze down alleys and up and down tiny, steep staircases- great fun for a bunch of Cub Scouts, not so much for Moms packing babies! Wes was great (except for an extremely fussy ride home) and the sailors all seemed to enjoy having the little ones on board. We do some pretty amazing stuff with Scouts
Here is Billy facing away from the Navy Yard- apparently if you are caught taking pictures of the base they will confiscate your camera! Not wanting to risk it, Bill left ours on the bus and I used my phone to snap these... many thanks to those who serve our country!

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