Sunday, June 27, 2010

Horse Show Beau

I took Beau to a horse show today! We have only gone to one other and it was when I very first got him... and you may remember it did not go so well! Mr. Beauly has grown up a lot and did great this go round! I was very proud of him...

I had only planned on a couple walk/trot classes, unsure of how he would be having never been in a show atmosphere except for that one time. I figured if he could stay calm and cool and get through those classes I'd be happy. Plus, our buddy Miller and his Mom Linda were going to be there, and she was worried he would be high strung too...

He has been so good lately, I should have know he would do fine! We ended up in the 2 adult walk trot, and then added an adult walk, trot, canter since he was doing so well! The first class we got 4th (not bad for equitation since I can't really get my right heel flat- let alone down!) and 2nd in pleasure. Then, after a respectable right lead canter we ended up having a small fit, kicking out and grazing the rail (and scaring the crap out of an elderly spectator!) to the left. Oh well. We obviously didn't place there- but I was still very happy with him!

Bill brought the kids, and I was happy to have an audience! I'm sad to say, for even though he is a horsie "husband" Bill gets a fail on the photog job! Not too many good shots, I think he spent most of the time riding the rail and chatting with Linda's husband! I was happy with the day, and proud of my boy... now I've got 2 new ribbons to decorate with and the confirmation that he is ready for some "big boy" stuff! Now I just have to loose the baby weight (and then some!) so I can fit into my show clothes!


  1. He's such a beauty! Congrats on getting back out there. I think you both looked great! I really miss those days!
    P.S. Baby Westly's little hat is ADORABLE!!!

  2. Oh yay! How great is all of that!! I'm sure if felt great, kick and all!! Yes, the cowboy hat is perfect!! But I wanted to see the boots and the gun in his pocket, lol.

  3. ps - Wes' cowboy hat, plaid shirt and jeans are beyond fantastic!!

  4. Alex.. that is awesome!! major congrats.....