Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sam comes to visit

Our buddy Sam came over to play today! I was so excited to have him here, and the big kids were thrilled to meet him! I can't believe how much he has grown in just the few weeks since I saw him last~ yipes!! He is getting tall, and has the most perfect hair... he is such a cutie!
We tried to pose the boys in Westley's farm chair, but with 2 big boys we were just a little short on space! It will be so much fun when they can actually play together- for now I'm happy to just have them next to each other. It won't be long before they are are thick as thieves and getting into all sorts of mischief.
I am so glad we were able to get together... Kelley has gone back to work full time (I just don't know how she does it~ Wonder Woman!!) and I was happy we managed to get a visit in. We had a quick lunch and time to just hang out. Auntie Em had brought over a neat contraption to hold fruit so the kids can suck/gum it up. Both boys had some watermelon that Kelley brought. Yumm! It was nice that the boys sort of cycled around each other- each napping while the other had some individual time. But, of course they were awake enough that we were able to pose them for a photo shoot!
Wes was totally jealous of Sam's monster pants. They would match his Ooga Booga diaper, and we had a bit of outfit envy! We got over it, but man... that Sam is one fine dressed fellow! He did bring Wes a farmyard bib as a gift (and I got flowers! Thanks Kel) which is super cute, and is wipe off too!
Wes was a good boy and shared all of his toys and things, and Sam did great with all the hustle and bustle of our house! Kaleb and Jayson were here so things were extra hectic but he managed to nap in the swing and hold his own in our busy household! Thanks for the fun play date guys... can't wait to see you again!


  1. whew Alex.. talk about me.. I have "trouble" keeping up with you!!! One things for sure, being the Mommy of baby Wes certainly hasn't slowed you down!! and just think of all the cool things Wes will know about and see just because of his neat family. That little Sam.. what a cutie pie, looks like my Abbie will be in good company with such handsome young men!!! we need a play date too!!! (silly house, just wait til we get settled!!!)

  2. Alex - thanks so much for posting all the photos! We had so much fun visiting yesterday, it was so great to see you and all of the kids :) Can't wait for our next play-date, I will email you dates once I connect with my Mom on what weekends would be good so we can all go swimming at their place.

  3. ps - I just LOVE the photo of them on the couch - what cool little dudes they are :)