Thursday, June 24, 2010

StoryLand 6-22/23

My Mom very kindly (and generously!) bought all the Grandkids season passes to StoryLand this year! In the past we have all gone once during the summer when we would borrow my Dad's friend's cabin for the weekend. But, now that they own their own and we plan to be there much more often- season tickets were the way to go! We can head over for an hour or two, or the whole day, any time we are there!

Wednesday was the "season opener" for my gang, and we had a great day! It rained over night, and was a bit overcast when we headed over- but the sun came out and we had a ball! Plus, the lines were never long and we got to do everything the kids wanted to do! That's part of the beauty of the passes, you don't have to try to rush around and fit it all into one day. We hit the highlights, rode some things multiple times and were fine to head home before anyone had a melt down or go too tired!

We rode some smaller rides for Wes and Jayson, and the big kids got to ride all the rides they love too! We missed having Kaleb there, but with the passes we can go back anytime! It was such a nice day- the park is always clean and "friendly" the kids were well behaved and we still left in time to get in an afternoon swim.

It was nice to not feel like we had to rush and push to do all the rides. It was also nice that this year I was able to go on some of the things I missed last year while pregnant! I did sit out a few this time, watching Wes and the stroller, but I manged to ride more than I did last visit.

So, our first StoryLand visit, there will be many more before the season is thru~

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  1. We're going to Storyland the Weds after the 4th.. taking Naomi, Abby and Chester!!! can't wait... you're pictures make me want to get there faster!!!!