Friday, July 2, 2010

6 flags 7-1-10

Bill, the kids and I as well as Grandma and Grandpa Houston and Auntie Krista went to 6 flags over New England yesterday! We had a perfect day for our trip (after getting rained out a few weeks ago!) and had such a good time.
Krista and Brad live about 15 minutes from the park and Auntie has a client who is head of PR for the park, so we got a great deal on season passes! We got our passes a month or two ago, but this was our first time down there since we opted not to go on our original trip due to some thunderstorms in the forecast that day. And, even though they live so close Krista had never been there either! Despite a recent surgery on her hand, she was a great hostess and we had such a fun trip.
Our "in" at the park got Grandma a motorized cart so she didn't have to walk all day. Westley thought it was the best ride there! He sucked the controls and pulled and pushed all the levers and had a ball sitting there while we went on all the rides!

There were loads of BIG rides- roller coasters and all sorts of serious stuff like this upside down ride! There were quite a few that Billy missed the height requirements for- which bummed him out... but there were plenty of others and lots of games and such!
Not to mention the fun we had just hanging out! Wes was really good- he stayed with Auntie and Grandma a lot while the rest of us did the rides. He was pretty quiet and happy rolling around in the stroller and playing with everybody! I was glad it wasn't too hot... we will plan to spend the bulk of our next visit in the water park.

It was about a 3.5 hr drive, and we were so happy to stay with Auntie and Uncle. We packed lunches but the walk back to the cars was really long and Grandma's cart needed to stay in the park so we just ended up eating there and having our sandwiches on the drive home!

The park is bigger than anything else around here, and there were some major thrill rides as well as some of the "classics" like tea-cups and bumper cars! There were many little kid rides, and as Wes gets older there will be so much for him to do! He liked the characters and wanted to suck on their hands and such. There were quite a few "midway" games and shops. Billy really wanted to win something for Wes, but never quite got lucky enough! Olivia did win a stuffed otter in this water gun game- after I assured everyone that these sorts of games are a waste- NOBODY ever wins! I had to eat my hat~

Wes and Grandpa loved this Trash Can Band we found. They kept going back to watch and listen. Wes loved the drumming- they were using metal garbage cans and lids, big rolling recycle bins and the like to make music. The percussion was amazing, and the two of them danced and watched and even got up close to "feel" the vibrations!

My throat is sore today from all the screaming I did! The roller coasters were like nothing else around here! There were inversions and loop-d-loops and all kinds of crazy stuff. On one coaster your legs dangled down! I screamed and screamed and man I'm pretty hoarse today! Bill and Olivia did some of the spinning stuff- things I wasn't too keen on doing. I was mindful not to scramble myself too badly with the spinning stuff so I could enjoy the other rides.

It was such a fun trip- I love Olivia's oh sh*t face here- this was as they were about to go upside down! We really did enjoy ourselves- I sure wish 6 flags was a bit closer- but since Auntie and Uncle welcomed us back anytime we will be sure to make use of our season passes! And next time we need to do the water park

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  1. Oh how fun!! Upside down is not for me, but gee, looks like Wes really enjoyed the scooter- wonder how it tasted?? I wish I could see the front of Billy's face; looks like he is really having fun!!