Saturday, July 31, 2010


About 4 days after Wes was crawling he started pulling up. We are in trouble! Mobility is a big deal, but he wants to stand most of all and will work himself over to anything in his reach and pull right up. I'm thrilled with his strength and determination, but man. I got about 10 days of being able to sit him on the floor with toys while I got things done. Now I can't leave him for a second! He is right into trouble... Bill wants to get him a helmet and knee pads... I think he might need them!


  1. lol, I was just thinking that for his 7 month photos, he can dang well stand up and hold the bear, lol lol lol!!

  2. I just LOVE reading your blog!!!! Storyland looked wonderful, day at the lake.. horses, and BOAT!!! I am so happy you're having such a great summer (especially after THAT winter you had not too long ago!!!) keep up the stories, I am a faithful reader....