Thursday, August 5, 2010

T.V. Fail

'Round here we are too cool for T.V. Ok, not really. I'll be honest. Our massive flat screen (only a year and half old) died last week. We have been in mourning. Well. By "we" I mean Bill and the kids. I could not care less. Well, O.K. the other morning at 3:30am when Wes decided for some insane reason he needed to be up; I did miss it then... but otherwise we have been keeping busy:
Wes has been riding around in the dump-truck
Olivia rode around on the mower
Billy played in the clippings
Once the grass was shorter and the stage set, Wes and I watched a play where all the characters were chickens: "Chicken Idol" be sure to catch it if it ever comes to your town!


  1. Ooohh... I will look for that show, thought the chickens looked good, but the dog!!!! (had to be the best!!!)

  2. That is awesome - what great imaginations - I would love to see Chicken Idol :)

  3. omg, are those real chickens they are holding????