Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Salty Acres

Some of the families in Billy's Cub pack had decided to go on a mid-week camping trip. We opted for it to be more of a family affair then a sanctioned Scout activity... so on Tuesday we all packed up and went to Salty Acres Campground in Kennebunk.

We knew well in advance so I had blocked off the 2 days in Bill's book... Since we all could go, I had planned for it to be one of our family's "big" summer activities! We had such a good time and are already looking forward to going back next year. The campground had given us a field with a number of individual sites to ourselves. We had out big tent and Savanna brought her little pup tent too. The other families all set up around the perimeter of the field and we had a big fire pit and 3 picnic tables just outside our "door." The weather was beautiful the food communal and delish and the company great!

The facility had a nice pool (actually 2 pools, a large deep pool and a small 1.5 foot deep "kiddie" pool too) and we spent a large portion of the afternoon/evening there yesterday! My gang loves the water so we were happy as could be!

There was a lot of swimming and diving and jumping- loads of horse play! These days most everywhere has a lifeguard on duty with lots of rules. Now, there is a time and place for all that- but I must admit it was fun not to have anyone whistle blowing! The kids ran and jumped and played chicken and just acted like kids in summer! All the Moms and Dads were watching, and we certainly had safety in mind... but with nobody to tell them what to do the kids had a ball! I think some of the Dads had just as much fun cannonballing as the kids! Of course, Wes had to get in on the action too, you know how he loves water! He spent some time in the small wading pool, but really wanted to be with the big kids.

The campground is rather large with many sites- they also back up to an amazing estuary. It is a real neat environments I haven't had much opportunity to explore! So, after so much time at the pool we spent the day today down in the tidal river. The kids had explored it quickly yesterday and wanted to go back! There were small, narrow, muddy, mucky streams that led down into a wide gorge cut thru the mud. The river bottom was the most amazing grey, velvet sand. The banks were topped with tall beach grass; it was really quite beautiful. Plus, there were hermit crabs galore- not the usual beach crabs and it made it very exciting!

We explored the river- it was great! They caught little fish in their bare hands and with buckets and the crabs practically fell into their pails!

It was a bit muddy getting out, but with the sand out into the river it was almost like a private beach! We walked up the river towards the ocean following the outgoing tide as we hunted for critters and massaged our feet in the soft sand. I think Billy and Olivia could have stayed forever! Savanna is much more a pool person, but she had fun too.
I voted we make it an annual event and extend the trip to 2 nights next year. It would be great to get in a day at the beach (just down the road from the campground) and have time to enjoy the pool and to explore this marsh some more. Salty Acres is a spot we are sure to return to!

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