Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great East Lake

I am going to try to keep a log of the places we go with the boat to help us remember and plan for future trips. On Tuesday we went to Great East Lake. The boat launch is quite close to the Houston's lake house, in fact I've passed it every time we've gone there... I just didn't realize what it was! The lake is about 10 times the size of Horn Pond, so we had a lot more room to roam and play!
After cruising about the lake exploring a while we anchored for swimming and lunch. There was an odd algae bloom making the water full of little "spores" There were other people playing and swimming, so I knew it was fine but it was a bit odd to dive into this abyss of little spots!
We had sandwiches and swam, then Daddy and Wes laid down a bit (but no nap) while the big kids did some fishing. I was itching to get in the tube so after a while we cleaned up and got organized to go!

I just love the tube! I went a number of times and was really having fun. I took a number of good spills and got some water pounded pretty hard into my left ear so ended up taking a break. Bill taught me to drive the boat so I could pull him. It was pretty easy to get the hang of it, but looking at all the gauges and scanning the water plus keeping an eye on all the kids left little time for looking over my shoulder at him! The kids said he was showing off, but I did mange to dump him a few times!
Savanna had her first cheering evaluation (she made the team!) so we had to be home by 5, which was fine... the kids were pretty tired!
Great East was about 40 mins from the house, straddling the Me, Nh border. Acton, Me and Wakefield, Nh share the body of water. There is a nice launch; dock and swim area right there. Parking was fine, there was a small outhouse and the size of the lake was great for a half day of fun! I overheard some people talking about the "rope swing" so I'd love to go back so we can better explore!

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