Monday, August 16, 2010

A Very Horsey Weekend

It's Monday morning and I'm tired but happy; I had a very horse filled weekend! Saturday I went over to Raymond Nh (about an hour drive) with Linda and Miller to meet up with a friend of hers from work. The three of us did a hunter pace there and had a great time! Wentworth Hunt put on the event and it was so much fun.
All three boys were very good- both Miller and Olaf can be hot and forward but we did well. Beau was very cool and calm although alert and interested in everything! I wondered about how he would be with all the goings on. Never having done a pace I *knew* what to expect but I still wasn't quite sure how it would go! It was just about 10 miles and the pace time for our division (field) was 1:34. We did walk some, got a tad lost at one point and needed to school a few times so we did the ride in 1:50. We didn't place, but I was very happy with the ride; the property was beautiful, the trails very nice. Good company and good horses made for a great day!
The on Sunday we had the last of the Lucky Clover Stables summer series.
Savanna had spent a few days over at Kate's and got excited with the coming show, so she got recruited to show one of the ponies in-hand. She and Marzipan did well, they were so cute! Marzi is young and this was his first in-hand class, so the two greenies were pretty funny! Marzi didn't want to lead in his bit or trot- Savy just hung in there with him and the ring steward helped her get him going when they had to jog...

She had her fan club riding the rail (and Grandpa!) and we all cheered her on... they had fun and it was a good experience for both of them!
Grandpa spent most of the day with Wes on his shoulders, and then as we were packing up to go home they announced parent-lead line. I quickly had Olivia tack back up so we could make Grandpa ride for a change! It was cute, and I know Grandma loved seeing him up there! As Olivia lead him along he kept asking "What are we doing?!" and she kept answering "Just stay on Grandpa, Don't fall off!"
They did well, Grandpa and Nic got second place!

Olivia has been having fun with Nicholas this summer, but this was her first opportunity to show. She and Nic did great! They were in a few of our classes, and beat us every time! I was very proud of her- she had fun and they looked wonderful! She is really a nice little rider. I think she would rather "play" with horses and showing might be a little "stuffy" for her, but she did well and because we know the crew over there it was a fun way to spent the morning.

Beau was quite tired from the pace (and I had them out on pasture at night) but he still did so well. I was very happy wit him. This judge didn't like him as much as the last one did, so we didn't place as well (and we got the wrong canter lead to the left- oops!) but I was thrilled! He has come a long way from the horse I thought I was going to loose last summer!

Linda and Miller, Beau and I and Olivia and Nic were in a few classes since Olivia is 13 now and in the adult divisions. These three have ridden together a time or two, so we were truly horse show buddies!

Savanna also rode one of Kate's horses Breezy in 2 poles classes. She did well in her first (got 2nd) but then lost her steering in the second class and Breezy cantered off a pole towards the out gate, took the corner and Sav just slid right off! It was her first fall and I think she wounded her pride and scared herself more than anything... she got back on Beau and walked around and doesn't seem worse for it... but it sure did scare me! I knew as she came across the diagonal that she might ave trouble so I started calling out "sit back" but she just couldn't save it! She landed right on her bum, got right up and was mad she didn't get a ribbon for the class; insult to injury!!

All in all it was a great weekend! I love my horsey~ I was so proud of him at our events! He gets a few days off and Daddy got a long back scratch last night as a thank you for letting me run off for my horsey weekend!

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