Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fashion Show

A few weeks ago the girls noticed that our local Fashion Bug store was hosting a fashion show to celebrate the return of their juniors section. We don't shop here often, but the idea of being models was very enticing! So, after a quick check of the calendar we blocked off the day for the runway!
Last week they went in for "fittings" and got to choose an outfit. Savanna was tough as she really isn't into juniors sizes yet... but her enthusiasm won them over and they were able to come up with something that "fit!" Today was the show, so we all piled down to watch them strut their stuff!
Both of them looked great, and Uncle bought them each part of their outfits after the show! Olivia's tunic was adorable, super comfy, cozy and totally her! She loved getting her make-up done, it must have been nice to be pampered for a moment or two!

Of course Savy was a ham, strutting down with her jazz hands and big spins. She got the purple sweater and the skirt, even though we had to roll it to make it fit her waist. She had to wear her own shoes as she couldn't find a pair that fit... Cinderella that she is!

We had fun watching them, and love to see them so happy and confident. We are blessed to have such beautiful daughters!


  1. Darn! I thought it was tomorrow!! They both look so happy, and I see Uncle is teaching Wes how to shop for girls!

  2. And they are so lucky to have beautiful parents!!! Love you Houstons/Wilson's xoxoxox cindi

  3. The girls look gorgeous - what a fantastic experience!! :)