Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wes and Sam 8-21-10

After a busy morning of unloading hay Savanna, Billy, Wes and I drove over to Wolfboro to visit Kelly, Sam and Geoff (and Allison and Peter too!) at the Palmer's lake house. We had a nice visit and I am reminded that I need to work hard to make sure the boys get together as often as possible!
I love seeing Sam- he totally cracks me up! I think he has s future in the theater. He makes the best facial expressions and noises! Westley's growling is pretty cute, but Sam has "fart" noises that cracked Billy up! Sam also rolls his 'R's and it's too much, I just love him!
The boys had a chance to share toys and play for a while on Allison's beautiful white carpet~ it was so nice of her to open up her home to the Houston crew... we can be a little much sometimes, but she was so gracious... even taking us across the lake for a tour of the exquisite new home they are building! It was amazing, a truly stunning lake house!

Geoff took us out on the boat, we had a nice time tubing and touring their end. Of course before we headed out we had to pose the boys on the couch- I think I'll still be insisting on this when they are 21!
It was great to see Kel, and I have to soak up Sam whenever I can! I hope we can manage another get together soon, these boys are growing and changing every day!

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  1. OMG - I love the photos!!! I will try to post mine this week. It was so great to see you and the kids :)