Monday, August 16, 2010

Proof for Em

My older nephew Kaleb was here for a few days and after the horse show Sunday we took the boat out for a "sunset cruise!" We love K, he and Billy have so much fun playing together. But, when it comes to speed he is a cautious little guy... not into scary rides or any thing. Plus he's not a big swimmer so Bill and I decided we would see if we could "push" him a bit and offered him a ride on the tube. Maybe it was peer pressure (but that has not worked in the past) or maybe it was the way we phrased it (we didn't ask if he wanted to go, just said "your turn, wanna ride with Billy or Alex?") maybe his swim lessons are paying off, or maybe he was just feeling right... but for whatever reason he went!

He and I rode together and I had give Bill strict instructions to take it easy on us, and NOT to dump the tube! Bill kept it perfect. I screamed a bit for effect and we got splashed and whipped a bit, and he said he loved it!
He has been taking swim lessons and playing a lot in Mom-Mom's pool and its clear he is much more confident then in the past. He did not want to jump off the boat, but he did climb the ladder and swim a while... it was definitely over their heads. It was warm in the lake, but the air temp was pretty chilly- so after that I unhooked the tube so he could "boat" to where Bill and the other kids were!

After all the horse stuff I had been doing, it was nice to relax on the water! We had dinner and fished:

Get a look at the big bite Bill got! He even walked down the boat to get off the Bow for pulling in this sucker, wouldn't want to have to land this one up there!

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