Friday, August 13, 2010


Bill has been doing a lot of maintenance on the boat, things that should have been kept up with, but seem to have been left... overtime they added up and now he find himself with just about everything needing to be changed or replaced... it's work, but he seems to be having fun! He pretends to be stressed about it, but pretty much every waking minute is either researching new parts, how tos or actually taking things apart. Yesterday was no exception. He wanted to change the oil and replace a few things before we went out for the day!
I for one, should have charged my camera battery while he was working on the boat- pretty soon after we arrived at Mousam Lake I ran out of juice! We took our first guest aboard: Kate joined us for the day. We love Kate, she fits right in with all the kids, just sort of like she belongs in the line-up, somewhere between Savanna and Olivia! She and Savy are BFFs and we all enjoy her company! She had never been tubing, so guess what was first?!
The two buddies went first, then later in the day the three of us piled on for a wild ride!
The ramp for the lake was on the lower half of the body. We new getting into the larger lake would be an issue. We had stopped to look at the small bridge you need to pass under... I didn't think we would make it, and of course Bill did! Well, after our first millfoil inspection than putting in at the nice ramp (2 spots with a dock in between) we tubed around the lower lake. Naturally Bill wanted to try the bridge; I was pretty nervous! He was right of course: but we only just squeezed thru! Olivia and I sat on the bow and pushed us straight as we went under! We could both touch it was that close. We won't go if the water levels are ANY higher! There was a fun sand bar with some cool stone pools someone had made- it was fun to swim over and check them out. The kids swam and tried to fish, but we had no luck so opted to try a new spot. We ended our day back on the lower half by the dam, fishing and swimming and hanging out! Mousam is a nice lake and it is good to know we do fit under the bridge...but even if we hadn't it sure was fun to have a friend along with us!

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  1. I LOVE the photo of you tubing!! That looks like the perfect summer fun photo :)