Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Day at the Beach

On Wednesday we spent the bulk of the day down at Fort Foster. Having grown up in Kittery Point, I spent quite a lot of time there as a kid. I am so happy when I get the chance to bring the kiddos... plus this trip Em and the boys and my Dad were able to go too so we really had fun!
This was Wes' first time in the ocean and he really enjoyed it! He loves the water anyhow so after being a bit upset at discovering the salty taste he turned right into a beach babe! Of course he wanted to eat the sand... and crawl into the waves... and steal everyone's buckets.

The kids love this beach since there is a long pier to walk on and under, and tons of rocks which mean great tide pools for crab hunting! Billy actually found a small lobster under the pillions, he is such a critter catcher!

The girls did a lot of swimming, the water was actually pretty warm! We did get a bit more sun than I would have liked (Well, Olivia and I did) but at the beach there is NO shade, and even though we sun screened it got away from us a bit! I really need to invest in a big beach umbrella.
I love this picture of Savanna and Wes; I was saying "Savanna, Savanna, Savanna..." and she just kept looking up with her smile getting bigger and bigger and bigger...

Beach baby gets his first taste of seaweed!

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  1. I'll trade you. Our mountains for your ocean. Sound like a deal? I'd love to live closer to the coast. We are hoping to be able to take Maddie next year. She's such a water girl that I think she'd love the ocean.
    So how'd Wes like the taste of seaweed? What a cute picture!