Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day in Conway (7-28)

We drove up to Conway to spend the day at the cabin today. It was a lovely day. We left about 8:30 after doing the morning chores around here and got up there just as my Mom and Em, Kurt and the Boys were getting up and moving about. After saying hello and getting organized we spent the first part of the day down at the beach.
It was sunny and warm and the kids went right for the water activities. Mainly swimming and fishing. Kurt managed the rods; throwing a few lines in but no bites! The kids all b-lined for the water and the crew (minus Kaleb) spent a while bobbing about.
Of course, Wes had to be right down there with them! Water baby that he is, he was pretty happy to splash around with Aunt Em!
The hot summer sun and all that swim time tuckered everyone out, and we headed back to the cabin for lunch. We ate and sat for a bit before deciding to head over to Storyland for the afternoon. That's the beauty of the season passes- you can go in for a while and don't have to feel rushed to see or do it all!
We rode some rides- especially ones we missed last trip. One of my favorites being the carousal. Jayson picked a red, white and blue horse that totally matched his outfit! He was cute~ Wes rode too, and had fun on his horsie!
I love this pie in the front section of the park. The whole place is themed around classic stories and books. There are spots for photos all over, many with a sign that changes yearly so you can mark the kid's growth and do annual pictures. The "blackbird pie" is one spot I always try to snap a group picture- the kids love to pop up out of the holes! We went backwards around last time and never made it into this part of the park... so I made sure we got there first this trip.
Over here in this area are lots of little rides and play areas. These cut out photo stops are all over, and of course Olivia had to be the lion!
And Wes HAD to go into the baby ball pit! He and Jayson were the only ones small enough to go in, and I wasn't sure he wouldn't slip under... plus sometimes these things gross me out. But, he didn't put any balls in his mouth and didn't even squirm around. He just sat in the pen totally overwhelmed with the colors!
We left after a few hours, it was hot and we had had enough (and no afternoon coffee made for sloth-like adults!) I love family days... I blocked off the day in Bill's book so he could come. Even he recognized he hasn't had much time this summer for hanging out! I always enjoy our time when we can all have fun together. The Conway cabin is great for that. Plus, we stopped on the way home for pizza which made for a full, fun, summer outing!

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